Why Can’t Cats Decide To Go In Or Out? (Solved)

Cats are fascinating when it comes to their desire to be in multiple places at the same time.

This is due to their natural curiosity.

Some cats will have preferences as to where they stay at different times of the day. Some cats will want to spend their entire day inside, while others will want to go out at night.

It comes down to what the cat wants.

This will leave you asking, why can’t cats decide to go in or out?

Cats can’t decide to go indue to natural instinct. They are attracted to the safety of being indoors but also the excitement of being outside. This includes natural stimulation outdoors including specific sights, sounds, and scents.

If you are worried about a cat’s decision-making, you will want to look to figure out ways to get it to follow a set schedule.

There is nothing wrong with having a cat go outdoors. It can be good for them.

This article will take a look at the most important tips to help a cat decide to go in or out.


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Tips To Help Cat Decide To Go In Or Out

1. Set A Schedule

Should you force a cat to go outside?

No, it is not recommended to force a cat to go outside. This is not always preferred by cats as some do like staying indoors. It is common for house cats to like staying inside as it is safer and offers enough stimulation.

You will want to make sure to set a schedule for a cat that is indecisive.

This is how you are going to get the cat used to a specific pattern and ensure it remains well-behaved when indoors.

Some cats do get restless if they are not allowed to go outside.

This is why setting a schedule is safer and will keep them as happy as they need to be.

You will want to pay attention to what works for your cat as that is what matters the most.

why can't cats decide to go in or out

2. Set Up A Cat Tree

Have you taken the time to make staying indoors a lot of fun for the cat?

Cats can get bored when there is not enough available to them indoors.

This includes a lack of cat toys or things to scratch (i.e. cat tree). Setting up a cat tree is wonderful and a good way to keep the cat occupied.

You will want to give the cat something to scratch and play with. This is where the cat tree is a good bet.

The cat is going to like it and it will also keep other items inside the house safe such as your furniture.

3. Keep A Safe Access Point

You will want to think about the access point when it comes to something like this.

It is important to make sure you are choosing an access point that works.

The cat needs to know it will have a way to come inside. This is something that will make it easier to work on the cat rather than having it get indecisive.

Some cats tend to stay out longer when they are not allowed to come in on time. This makes them apprehensive.

Some will only stay indoors if this happens.

You will want to think about giving an access point that does work for the cat and one you can react to.

why can't cats decide to go in or out

4. Keep The Cat Well-Fed

It is important to make sure your cat is well-fed.

This is a detail cat owners don’t think about as much as they should. You will want to dive into understanding what is causing the cat to become confused.

For example, when a cat is hungry, it might want to go outdoors to hunt.

This is not a good situation as it will also lead to the cat getting frustrated. You will want to focus on the foundation of your cat’s health and that includes giving it proper food.

Final Thoughts

Why can’t cats decide to go in or out?

If a cat can’t decide to go in or out, it’s best to start with setting a strict schedule, keeping the cat well-fed, setting up a cat tree indoors, and maintaining an easy access point.

This will ensure the cat feels confident and does follow a set schedule.

Over time, cats will get used to this and that is how they will become comfortable with coming indoors.

Some cats want to stay outside and feel like they are going to get blocked when they come indoors. You want to ensure this does not happen and that is why a safe access point is a must.

When combined with a set schedule, the cat will feel more at ease knowing it can go outdoors when it wants to.

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