Former Stray Cat’s Food Obsession (Solved)

When it comes to stray cats they tend to have specific behavioral traits that develop over time and are hard to get rid of.

This creates a situation where you are going to want to help them feel better and more comfortable in their surroundings.

This includes a situation where a former stray cat has a food obsession.

If a former stray cat has a food obsession, it’s caused by stress or insecurity. To fix this, create a strict feeding schedule it can trust, play interactive games, use pheromones, and keep the food secured.

During the earlier days of your time with the former stray cat, it’s important to drill down these patterns as soon as possible.

You want the stray cat to be aware of these things.

This guide is going to show you how to help a former stray cat get rid of its food obsession.


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Tips To Help Get Rid Of Former Stray Cat’s Food Obsession

1. Use A Strict Feeding Schedule

You will want to start with the basics.

Stray cats are possessive about food because that’s all they have ever known. When outdoors, a stray cat has to fend for itself and protect the food it does find.

There are often slim pickings, which makes it even harder for the cat to survive.

This psychological impact does not go away when a cat comes home. It will still need time to adjust and that is when a feeding schedule helps.

You will want to earn the cat’s trust.

The cat needs to know it will get food at the same time every day without fault. This is when it will stop worrying about protecting its food.

During the earlier days when it is time to take care of a former stray cat, you want to be highly diligent about the timings.

Get it spot on to make sure the stray cat feels well-fed and comfortable.

former stray cat food obsession

2. Use Pheromones

It is also important to soothe the cat and make it feel comfortable when around food.

This is not always easy to do.

The cat should feel like eating food is supposed to be cozy and easy-going. If that is what you want, you will appreciate the beauty of pheromones.

Cats adore pheromones because they will make them feel good. This is what you will want them to associate with the food too.

Don’t be afraid to use pheromones as a way to get them to stop their food obsession. It will take time to work but it will make things better.

3. Play Interactive Games

You should look to keep the stray cat occupied.

This is one of the main issues former stray cats deal with when they are inside a house. They are used to doing different things outside as that is a part of their life.

However, this does not always happen when they are indoors.

You will want to make sure the stray cat has a chance to play games and have a bit of fun. This exercise is good for the cat physically and psychologically.

You should mix things up when playing to get more out of the cat’s life. This will stop its food obsession.

former stray cat food obsession

4. Keep The Food Safe

Where are you storing the cat food?

You will always want to make sure it is placed in a way that’s safe. There is nothing worse than putting cat food in a place that is dangerous or is going to be easy to access for the cat.

If that is the case, it will get stuck on getting to the food and will not be able to take its mind off of this task.

Stray cats are vigilant about this and do notice when it comes to accessible food items.

Final Thoughts

When dealing with a former stray cat’s food obsession, these are the steps that matter most and will go a long way in making it feel better.

If a former stray cat has a food obsession, start by maintaining a rigid feeding schedule every day, play more games with it, store the food safely, and use pheromones.

A combination of these tips will go a long way in soothing the former stray cat’s mind. It will take time and it is not going to happen overnight.

The cat has a history and it is used to a certain way of surviving. You will need to work on this and break that feeling over time.

The tips that have been listed in this guide should help a lot in getting you to that point. Look to implement these tips and make sure the former stray cat does adapt to its new life.

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