Why Does My Cat Guard My Bedroom Door? (Explained)

The bedroom door is often a dividing point when it comes to cat owners.

Some don’t mind leaving it open during the night while others prefer keeping it closed. There is no wrong or right answer and it often comes down to circumstances.

One variable that often arises is when a cat guards the bedroom door.

A cat will guard a bedroom door as a form of protection. It knows you are inside and will stand guard or look out until the door opens and you come out. This is a common behavior and it’s something cats do in the wild for their family.

If you notice your cat doing this, it’s recommended to set up the cat bed closer to the door. This will ensure the cat can still rest in a comfortable spot while being able to “guard” the bedroom door when you rest.

It is easy to want to stop the cat from guarding a bedroom door but it will make them uneasy.

It can take a long time to work on this and you have to be patient. This includes training the cat to stop standing near the bedroom door.

Here is a look at some of the reasons a cat guards the bedroom door.

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Reasons Cat Guards Bedroom Door

1. Form Of Protection

Cats will stand outside a bedroom door as a form of protection.

In the wild, it’s common for a cat to protect its family while the others rest. This can switch as others rest and it is a protective instinct they have.

The same applies to you.

The cat will want to guard you when you are resting and that applies to anytime you are on the other side of a door.

This type of behavior indicates the cat’s bond with you. Otherwise, the cat would ignore whether or not you are inside the bedroom.

If it is standing outside the door, this likely means it is protecting you.

why does my cat guard my bedroom door

2. Wants To Be Closer To You

The cat may want to be closer to you.

This causes the cat to get as close to the bedroom door as possible. Since it is likely closed, the cat won’t be able to get inside.

So, it does the next best thing and stand watch outside the door.

The cat knows you are eventually going to come out and it wants to be ready for that moment. It’s common for some cats to rest right outside the bedroom door and wait until you open it.

This is a sign the cat is bonded to you and wants to be as close as it can get.

3. Curious

Cats are known to walk around the house.

It is a part of their territory and they are going to want as much access as possible. This can also include being interested in where you are going and where you are resting.

If the bedroom door is closed, the cat will want to stay close to it and pay attention to what is on the other side. They will do this with their ears and nose.

This curiosity can cause some cats to start guarding the bedroom door.

why does my cat guard my bedroom door

4. Separation Anxiety

This is another common reason for cats to stand outside a bedroom door.

They will develop separation anxiety. This can be seen whenever you leave the house or room. The same applies to closing the bedroom door.

If the cat can’t be near you, it is going to start showing signs of separation anxiety. This is not a good thing and it is something you should work on with the cat.

A pet that is not capable of handling separation will become depressed as time goes on. This is why it’s best to work with a behavioral therapist and work on the cat’s anxiety as much as you can.

Final Thoughts

Why does my cat guard my bedroom door?

A cat will guard a bedroom door when it is looking to protect you. Some cats will also stand in front of a door due to separation anxiety, curiosity, or a desire to be closer to you. This is a common behavior and it takes time to work on it with the cat.

If you are worried about how it is impacting the cat’s health, the best strategy is to hire a behavioral therapist or go through therapy sessions on your own.

This will ensure the cat begins to understand being away from you when the door is closed will not impact them.

Your bond with the cat will take work and the same applies when they prefer being as close to you as possible. Continue to work on it with the cat and you will see good results.

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