Is My Budgie Scared of Me? (Solved)

Budgies are known for being attentive, sociable, and passionate about building relationships with their owners.

However, this might not always be the case in your situation. You might have the opposite effect on a budgie and that will leave you bewildered.

You will ask, is my budgie scared of me?

Budgies can be scared of humans. This can be due to sudden movements, a bad experience with other humans, and/or a general sense of self-protection from the unknown. The best solution is to build a relationship with the budgie using treats, a soothing voice, and toys.

The one thing you don’t want to do is stick your hand inside the cage and hope this will resolve the issue.

This is going to scare the budgie even more!

Budgies don’t like the idea of having the hand push into the cage when they are unsure about you. It can be perceived as an attempted attack on them and that will only make the budgie increasingly unhappy.

It will often vocalize this as soon as the hand comes into the cage.

This guide will explain what to do if a budgie is scared of you.

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Tips To Implement If A Budgie Is Scared Of You

1. Don’t Initiate Contact

My budgie is scared of my hand!

This is a common phrase that’s used when budgie owners speak about their beloved pet. It’s normal to want to initiate contact, pet them, and just get closer to the budgie.

It’s a normal way to want to bond with the budgie.

Unfortunately, if the budgie doesn’t see it as bonding, you will have a situation where it’s going to get increasingly upset, aggressive, and unhappy. Instead of helping, this can push things back further as they associate you with negative energy.

The best approach is to avoid initiating contact with the budgie.

This means you are not going to stick your hand into the cage or look to pet the budgie. Instead, you are going to wait for the budgie to come closer to you without showing signs of aggression.

my budgie is scared of me

2. Use a Soothing Voice

You will want to use a soothing voice when it comes to building a positive relationship with the budgie.

Budgies like a soothing voice because it isn’t aggressive and will not startle them.

Any startling sound is what will cause the budgie to fly in the opposite direction. This includes someone that is yelling or screaming.

Instead of doing this, spend 10-15 minutes each day speaking with a soothing voice to the budgie. Just doing this is going to help the budgie understand you are not bad for them.

3. Sit By The Cage Without Doing Anything

You should always look to sit by the cage.

Unfortunately, people that are busy all the time end up making things worse and creating a gap between themselves and the budgie.

The goal should be to make sure the budgie is aware of who you are and understands you are not bad for them.

This is only going to happen when you show that being around the cage doesn’t mean anything. You are not going to attack the budgie or even look in their direction.

Just sit there and let the budgie do its own thing.

An hour of this each day will go a long way. You will start to see the budgie come out of its shell as time goes on and get cozier with you.

The first step is going to be seen when the budgie begins to inch closer to you while staying inside the cage. This is a sign that it is starting to trust you.

my budgie is scared of me

4. Use Treats and Toys

This is going to be the last step when you are building a positive connection between yourself and the budgie.

The goal is to use small rewards.

You will want to give the budgie a treat out of your hand when it is feeling easy around you. It can even be taking out a bird toy and playing with the budgie.

The premise is to engage with the budgie while offering something that will interest it.

Final Thoughts

Is my budgie scared of me?

If a budgie is scared of you, the most common reasons include sudden movements, loud noises, bad experiences with other humans, and/or the fear of the unknown. To help the budgie, use a soothing voice, sit by the cage every day without saying anything, and use treats or bird toys.

These are simple tips that are going to help build a positive rapport with the budgie as time goes on.

The budgie will begin to associate you with positives and that is when the bond will be built. It is not going to happen overnight.

You have to work on it and the budgie will come around. After all, they are sociable animals and do crave a positive bond.

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