Why Is Budgie Clinging To Side Of The Cage? (Solved!)

Budgies tend to settle on a perch and look at the world around them from there.

This is common in all types of budgies and it’s a spot they prefer inside a birdcage. However, there are times when things are not going to be as expected including when a budgie starts clinging to the side of a birdcage.

This will make you wonder, why is your budgie clinging to the side of a cage?

Budgies can cling to the side of a cage when they are nesting. This is common behavior with budgies when they aim to separate themselves from the rest of the flock. Another reason can include anxiety or simply wanting a different spot to rest.

To help budgies that are nesting in a situation such as this, a good nesting box will help.

This is a good option to make sure the budgies have a safe spot to breed and will have the ability to warm the eggs as necessary.

This article will explain why budgies cling to the side of a birdcage and why it is important for them.

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Reasons Budgies Cling To The Side Of A Cage

1. Nesting Habit

Budgies are going to have nesting habits when it comes to preserving their eggs and staying safe.

This is common in all conditions and it’s an instinct that doesn’t go away inside a birdcage. The idea is to separate themselves from the flock to have a better chance of helping the baby birds survive.

Due to this habit, the budgies may be trying to recreate it in the cage.

You will notice both the male and female budgie do this and they are going to aim to find the furthest spot from the rest of the budgies. It is common for that spot to be along the sides of a birdcage.

budgie clinging to side of cage

2. Want a New Resting Spot

Budgies might cling to the side when they want a new resting spot.

This happens when a birdcage is starting to get too small or other budgies are taking up the best spots inside the cage.

When this occurs, some budgies will begin to adapt and find other places to rest. There is nothing wrong with this as budgies can rest in this position safely.

If you have one budgie that is doing this then it’s okay to let them continue with their new resting spot. The only time it is a worry is when the other budgies begin attacking or hoarding resources.

If that is not happening, you can let the budgie do as it pleases.

3. Anxious

The idea is that some budgies do get anxious due to specific sights, smells, and/or noises.

This is natural within a household and it is something to be aware of as a bird owner. You want to see what’s going on with your budget in advance.

If the budgie is nervous, it will start clinging to the side of the cage and whimper or shiver. These are signs that you need to figure out what is bothering the budgie as soon as possible.

budgie clinging to side of cage

4. Feel Safe There

You will want to make sure the budgie feels safe in the cage.

When a budgie doesn’t feel safe, it will begin exhibiting odd behavior including wanting to stay away from others inside the cage.

Even if they are alone, they might cling to the side of the cage as a safety mechanism. Only the budgie will know why this is soothing but it does happen often.

Your goal should be to help the budgie relax and find out what is causing it to worry to such an extent.

Final Thoughts

Why is your budgie clinging to the side of a cage?

Budgies tend to cling to the side of a birdcage when they are nesting as a couple, anxious, or want a new resting spot. It depends on the situation but most cases are normal and it comes down to the budgie’s preference in that scenario.

The only time you should intervene is if the budgie is being bullied inside the cage and is doing this out of self-preservation.

At that stage, you will have to figure out how to put an end to the bullying and/or hoarding of resources as that is a much bigger problem.

This is when things start to spiral out of control.

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