Do Budgies Get Lonely? (Explained!)

Getting a budgie is loads of fun and it will make you want to ensure the birdcage is equipped with your pet’s needs.

While it’s okay to go out and find good toys or accessories, it’s also important to think about what the root cause is of a budgie feeling lonely.

You will want to start by asking, do budgies get lonely?

Budgies do get lonely and are known for being social animals. They prefer living with other budgies and also do well with humans making them wonderful pets. Keeping this in mind, it’s recommended to find a partner for the budgie to ensure it doesn’t feel alone.

A lot of people don’t think about this and that leads to their budgie feeling alone all the time.

If you want to avoid this, it’s best to consider bringing in another budgie or ensuring you are spending a lot of time with the budgie during the day.

This article will explain why budgies feel lonely and what to do about it as a bird owner.

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Reasons Budgies Can Feel Lonely

1. Lack of Partner

This is one of the main reasons a budgie will feel alone during the day.

Let’s assume you have gone out and found the perfect pet budgie. This is going to be your bird and they will become a part of your family.

This is wonderful news, but it is not enough for most budgies.

You will have to realize budgies are social animals and love socializing with others. This includes having a partner inside the cage they can spend their day with. If a budgie doesn’t get this, it will begin to get anxious and upset.

This is why understanding the importance of getting two budgies is a must.

You will have a happier set of budgies when they are together in comparison to only having one budgie at a time.

do budgies get lonely

2. Limited Playtime With Human

If you do decide to have one budgie, your role becomes increasingly important.

This has to do with you being the budgie’s flock and partner. They will feed off of you and want you around them as much as possible.

This is why pet owners that are always at work or away from home should not be keeping one budgie at a time. This is bad for the budgie and is going to make it unhappy within a few weeks.

Only humans that can spend hours with the budgie are the ones that should keep them alone. Otherwise, it’s recommended to go out and find a partner for the budgie to play with.

3. Inadequate Toys or Accessories

Budgies do feel lonely because they might not have access to the right toys or accessories.

This is not always the main reason but it is a supplementary issue that does add up with time. The issues stem from the budgie not having anything to do during the day.

When this occurs, the budgie will begin to act out and get apprehensive about its life inside the birdcage.

As a result, you have to make sure to buy good bird toys and set them up inside the cage. It’s a must!

do budgies get lonely

4. Small Birdcage

What about the size of the birdcage?

if a budgie’s cage is too small, this can create issues with how it feels when it comes to moving around inside.

Budgies do like fluttering around and moving from one part of the birdcage to the next. This comes naturally to them in any environment even when they are let out into the house.

You have to make sure the birdcage is big enough for the budgie to enjoy its time. This is a bare minimum for your pet.

Final Thoughts

Do budgies feel lonely?

Budgies do get lonely and will often want a larger flock to be a part of. It’s common for pet budgies to require at least one budgie to feel comfortable. If not, it’s important to increase the amount of playtime with the budgie to ensure they get the same feeling from you.

If you are always busy then it’s important to go out and invest in a second budgie.

This will keep both of them happy and you can have budgies that are a big part of your life moving forward.

If not, you will have an apprehensive budgie that gets worse with time.

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