Can You Keep 4 Budgies In One Cage? (Solved!)

When it is time to place budgies in a cage, you are going to wonder about the upper limit on what’s safe and what’s not.

Maximizing a budgie’s cage is essential and can have a direct impact on their quality of life. This is why you have to take the time to understand what works and what doesn’t for the budgies.

To start, you will want to ask, can you keep 4 budgies in one cage?

You can keep 4 budgies in a cage as long as there’s enough space and food inside the cage. In most cases, the main issue has to do with noise pollution. Budgies can become loud in large groups and that might be bothersome to owners.

For those who don’t mind the noise, it is okay to set up a large cage with multiple budgies inside.

It will work out as planned and the budgies are going to lead a good life as long as they are taken care of.

This article will explain more on what to think about when keeping 4 budgies in one cage.

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Tips For Keeping 4 Budgies In One Cage

1. Buy a Large Cage

You should start with a large cage.

It’s recommended to go with a cage that is at least 50″ (H) x 20″ (W).

This will go a long way in keeping all of the budgies safe and happy inside. Most of the issues that do transpire when raising budgies together have to do with the spacing.

They will want room to move around and any restrictions in this regard can get in the way of the budgies feeling happy. This is why you have to start with this in mind.

By buying a large cage for your budgies, it’s easier to raise them.

The budgies will get along in a larger cage and are going to stay out of each other’s way during the day.

4 budgies in one cage

2. Food Portions Are Key

Along with space inside the cage, it’s also important to look at another fundamental need for budgies.

This comes in the form of food.

If the budgies have to share their food all the time, this might get to the point where they stop eating or begin fighting. You have to be on top of this as a bird owner or you are going to be dealing with a long list of injuries.

This is dangerous for the budgies and it can lead to hoarding from one of the budgies.

By providing multiple food sources, you will have a much easier time regulating how they eat.

3. Get Ready For The Noise

When it comes to raising multiple budgies in one cage, you will have to realize there is an impact on you as well.

This comes in the form of noise production.

A lot of noise is made by budgies when they are together and this is due to how they communicate. While this might be fine at first, you have to be certain it’s something you want to deal with.

In a smaller house, this might not be appealing to you as a bird owner.

4 budgies in one cage

4. Regulate The Room’s Temperature

When keeping budgies together, you will want to understand the importance of the room’s temperature.

If it is too cold inside the room, it might cause the budgies to panic. This can lead to unwanted injuries and/or illnesses that could have been avoided with a little bit of care.

Just like it can get too cold, it can also get too hot.

You have to be on top of this as a budgie owner especially when multiple budgies are living in the same cage.

When the temperature is fine, the budgies also start to relax and that does matter a lot.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to focus on when keeping 4 budgies in one cage.

You can keep multiple budgies in one cage and it’s recommended to choose a large cage that can hold them easily. This includes allowing them to move around, eat well, and stay safe with other budgies nearby.

Most budgies like the idea of having a partner and socializing with them. This is why they make great pets too.

As a result, they will easily adjust to additional budgies as long as their needs are met.

Your goal should be to focus on this and make sure everything is as organized as it needs to be when it comes to their living arrangements.

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