Why Is Cat Sleeping In Closet? (Answered!)

A cat sleeping in the closet can be alarming when it becomes a nightly occurrence.

You will want to determine what’s going on and how to help the cat. This is especially true for cat owners that have invested in a safe, durable cat bed for their beloved pet.

With this in mind, it’s important to ask, why is your cat sleeping in the closet?

Cats start sleeping in the closet because it’s hidden, dark, and quiet. This is something cats search for naturally because it protects them from predators and allows for improved sleep.

To stop a cat from sleeping in the closet, it’s recommended to relocate the cat bed. The reason your cat is searching for a spot in the closet might be because it’s difficult to rest in the cat bed due to noise or other anxiety-causing issues.

The most important thing a cat owner can do is observe what causes the cat to not want to rest in its bed.

This article will take a detailed look at some of the main reasons a cat sleeps in the closet at home.

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Reasons Cats Sleep In The Closet

1. Prefer Darker Resting Spots

If you see a cat suddenly sleeping in odd spaces, you have to ignore where those spots are.

Instead, observe the finer details of that spot.

In this case, the spot is a closet. It’s protected from three sides (i.e. walls), is dark, and hidden. This is the ultimate resting spot for a cat because in the wild it would want something similar to stay protected from potential predators.

This instinct does not go away in indoor cats. They also prefer similar settings to rest in because it’s perceived to be safer for them.

If your cat is resting in the closet, it might be looking at recreating this requirement at home. The closet is often a good spot to sleep for cats due to this reason.

cat sleeping in closet

2. Quieter

Some cats sleep in closets because the main room is too loud.

If there is too much traffic outside the window, a lot of people walking around indoors, or the TV is always on, cats won’t like that type of stimulation.

They want to find a resting spot that is nice and quiet.

This is why it’s common to see cats sleeping in odd spots including under the bed, behind the sofa, or of course inside a closet. All of these spots are the same because they eliminate all of the noise around the cat.

They like being in these types of spots to keep themselves safe and in control.

3. Leaves Them Undisturbed

A cat can start sleeping in the closet because they don’t want to be disturbed.

If there are other pets in the home, it’s normal for a cat to want to find a spot where it can rest easy. This includes going into a closet and resting there.

When there are other pets or kids around, they will make quite a bit of noise. This is natural and it is hard to stop.

Due to this, a cat might not enjoy sleeping in the middle of this type of disturbance. By sleeping in the closet, a cat gets to rest and go through its REM sleep cycle without worry.

cat sleeping in closet

4. Good For Cat’s Anxiety

Cats can become anxious.

They don’t like sleeping out in the open and always want a soft resting spot. If a cat is somewhat anxious about specific sounds, sights, or even pets, it is common for them to resort to this type of behavior.

The idea is for a cat to want to protect itself and create a dark safety net in the form of a closet.

Cats have to be creative indoors and this is one of the ways they get the job done. They look for quiet closets and rest inside them.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons a cat is sleeping in the closet.

Cats love sleeping in closets because they are dark, quiet, and easy to hide in. It’s common for cats to do the same in the wild, which makes sleeping in the closet a natural reaction to feeling unprotected.

To overcome this issue, it’s best to find a good cave bed for your cat.

These beds have a roof, which allows the cat to recreate that feeling of burrowing themselves into the ground or finding a quiet hiding spot near a tree.

Don’t use a traditional cat bed for cats that are already behaving like this. You will have to get creative and find a high-grade cave bed.

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