Is My Cat Fat Or Fluffy? (Explained!)

It’s normal to look at your cat’s physique and wonder about its health.

Some cats are known for being husky when it comes to their overall appearance. This can cause them to have more of a presence as they walk around.

However, it’s important to know the difference between a fat cat and a fluffy cat. This begins by asking, is my cat fat or fluffy?

To check if your cat is fat or fluffy, take your hand and press it against the cat’s ribs. If you feel the bones, this means the cat is at a perfectly healthy weight. However, if you don’t feel the bones, this is a sign the cat might be carrying excess fat. The same applies to the fat that’s dropping down from the cat’s body.

Your best strategy when dealing with a fat cat is to begin changing their diet. Reducing the calories will go a long way in helping the cat shed a few pounds.

This article will explain how to check if your cat is fat or fluffy and what to do about it.

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How To Check If Your Cat Is Fat Or Fluffy

1. Scan for Drooping Fat

Start with a simple visual assessment of the cat’s physique.

This includes looking for any signs of fat that’s falling off of the cat’s body. This means fat that is hanging like loose skin along the underbelly of the cat.

This can be a sign the cat is starting to get overweight.

When a cat is fluffy, it is still going to be well-proportioned and it is not going to have layers of fat. Instead, it will simply be larger than the average cat while still packing a good amount of muscle.

It’s best to observe the cat’s body fat to see where the fat deposits are located. If it is well-dispersed then the cat is likely fluffy.

Remember, this is just an initial check and you do have to go through each step before getting a confirmation. But this is a good starting point!

Is my cat fat or fluffy

2. Press Fingers Against The Ribs

You will now want to complete the main test to see if a cat is fat or not.

This includes taking your hand and placing it right against the cat’s ribs. The goal is to make sure you can feel the ribs by pressing against this part of the cat’s body.

If it seems soft to the touch regardless of where you press, this means the cat has too much fat on its body. This is dangerous and will have to be worked on.

If you do feel the cat’s bones then it is likely in good shape.

3. Observe The Cat’s Energy Levels

You will also want to pay attention to the cat’s movements during the day.

Fluffy cats still move around even if it is not quickly. They have the ability to use their strength and get to where they want to be even if it takes more time.

However, a fat cat will become lethargic and might spend all of its time lounging around. This is a common sign that your cat is fat and has to lose weight as soon as possible. A lot of health complications can arise due to a cat being overweight.

Is my cat fat or fluffy

4. Weigh The Cat

This is a basic check that you will want to do from time to time.

Take out a journal and begin tracking how much the cat weighs before putting it on a diet. This will let you know which direction the weight is trending in and what to do about it.

Always check the cat’s weight and then begin working on a plan. This is a must.

It’s the only way to ensure you end up with a cat that’s healthy and in line with its recommended weight. Remember, each breed is different but this is a good starting point for your pet.

Final Thoughts

Is my cat fat or fluffy?

When a cat is fat, it will become difficult for it to move and the cat will also have noticeable fat deposits along the ribs. You will feel this by pressing against the ribs. If you can’t seem to find the ribs, this means the cat is overweight.

It’s always best to have a plan when it comes to a cat’s weight. This includes helping it shed weight through safe dieting.

Most of the issues stem from a cat overeating. By reducing the calories, you are going to slowly help the cat get to its ideal weight.

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