Having A Puppy Is Exhausting? Learn What To Do Next!

The first few months of owning a puppy can be adventurous.

It is a roller coaster ride that you are going to have to deal with. These are the months that are going to act as foundational blocks heading into the puppy’s future.

This is why it’s important to find out why having a puppy is exhausting. This includes what to do when a puppy is making you tired.

Puppies can be exhausting because they are energetic, reckless, and require constant supervision. If a puppy is making you tired, it’s recommended to use a dog crate and playpen to help regulate the dog’s movements. This will restrict potential messes to one part of the house as the puppy continues to grow.

These developmental years for a puppy are hard and that goes for all breeds. You will have a learning curve to get through and that’s normal.

In a situation such as this, you will want to have patience and a plan in mind. Here is a look at what to do if having a puppy is exhausting.

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Steps On How To Raise A Puppy That’s Exhausting

1. Use a Dog Crate

You will want to start by using a dog crate if a puppy is tiring.

The goal is to have a set spot for the puppy to rest in during the night. This is one of the primary concerns for dog owners because puppies are overzealous when they wake up after a long night’s rest.

Their energy levels are high and they will want to use up that energy within minutes.

This can lead to a situation where your puppy is tiring as soon as it wakes up!

The goal has to be to use a dog crate as a way to keep the puppy inside when you are away or resting. This will ensure the puppy doesn’t start tearing things or getting itself into dangerous situations when you are not around.

Having a puppy is exhausting

2. Understand The Importance Of Exercise

The stress of raising a puppy is often high but that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible task!

You can do it as long as you have a plan in mind including how often the puppy is going to exercise each day.

This is an age where the puppy is going to need exercise. It will be bouncing off the walls if it doesn’t get time to run around outdoors or in a safe environment.

This is why taking the puppy for walks is a must along with using dog toys. These are the ways to keep the puppy happy during the day.

3. Use a Playpen

If having a puppy is making you depressed then it might have to come down to understanding what to do with the puppy during the day.

This is one of the biggest issues dog owners have because you don’t know what to do when it’s time to head out or do something away from the puppy.

In situations such as these, the best option is to use a playpen that is high enough to keep the puppy inside. You will want to equip the playpen with quality dog toys that are fun for the puppy to play with.

Having a puppy is exhausting

4. Begin Dog Training Right Away

A common mistake that is made is to delay training your puppy at home.

This has to happen at a young age and you will want to get out in front of this issue as soon as possible. Not only do you want the puppy to be potty trained, but you will also want to begin working on getting the puppy to listen to specific commands.

The idea is to ensure you have a situation where the dog does stay healthy and knows to listen.

Puppies are inquisitive at that age and will get into everything. Having the ability to reel them in is a must and it is the only way you are not going to get tired.

Final Thoughts

Having a puppy is exhausting?

Puppies can be exhausting for dog owners because they are bursting with energy, getting into things, and always wanting to make a mess. This is why it’s important to start training your puppy early and exercise it as much as possible.

This is the only way to ensure the puppy doesn’t get on your nerves and starts impacting your quality of life.

If you take the time to follow the tips listed here, you are going to have a puppy that is well-behaved and willing to listen to you. For most, this is all you are going to need to be content!

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