Do Rabbits Eat Dog Poop? (Answered!)

Dog poop is a common sight whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

When you have a pet rabbit, it’s normal to wonder whether or not your dog will affect what the rabbit eats. This includes a rabbit that ends up eating dog poop!

To know more, it’s best to ask, do rabbits eat dog poop?

Rabbits can eat dog poop and are often curious eaters. This leads them to put all types of foods into their mouth in an attempt to chew them. If your rabbit is eating dog poop, it’s recommended to stop this behavior as it’s unhealthy.

Rabbits should not be eating dog poop as it is not full of nutrients and can lead to poisoning in large quantities.

Instead, it’s best to keep the rabbit on a safer diet of vegetables, fruits, and plants.

This article will dig deeper into explaining why dog poop is not safe for rabbits to eat and digest.

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Reasons Rabbits Can’t Eat Dog Poop

1. Lack of Nutrients

Rabbits should not consume dog poop because it lacks key nutrients.

The premise of a rabbit’s diet is to ensure it is getting the appropriate nutrients including key vitamins, minerals, and more. If the rabbit does not get enough of each, your pet can develop severe medical conditions.

This is why more and more rabbit owners are particular about what their pet bunny consumes during the day.

If you have a dog at home, it’s best to control where the dog poops. This includes taking the dog for a walk and making sure it poops away from home.

When a rabbit eats dog feces, it will try to consume all of it.

This causes a situation where the rabbit gets full and then doesn’t eat other healthier foods. Even if a rabbit manages to digest dog poop, this is not healthy over the long haul.

It can create unwanted health troubles for pet owners later on.

do rabbits eat dog poop

2. Can Be Toxic

This is an underrated angle people don’t look at when it comes to rabbits eating fecal matter.

Yes, a rabbit might be able to put the poop in its mouth and begin chewing. However, once it goes into the digestive system, the dog poop will become overwhelming and hard to break down.

If your rabbit eats dog poop, it’s essential to pay attention to its symptoms. You don’t want a situation where the rabbit gets poisoned due to what’s in the dog poop.

A lot of things can go wrong and that is why giving dog poop to a rabbit is never smart. It is highly dangerous and will put the rabbit at risk of getting an infection and/or a whole host of digestive issues.

3. Hard To Digest

Rabbits should only eat foods that are easy to digest.

This includes foods such as plants, fruits, and vegetables that are in their regular diet.

When you attempt to give dog poop to a rabbit, the pet may have a hard time digesting it. This can lead to a long list of symptoms including lethargy, nausea, vomiting, and general discomfort.

This is why it is not ideal to give any type of poop to a rabbit.

They should be consuming foods that are good for them and will be easy to digest. The risks associated with feeding dog poop to a rabbit are sky-high and something you do not want to impose on the rabbit.

do rabbits eat dog poop

4. Unsanitary

This is something to account for.

The rabbit touching and eating the dog poop is unsanitary and can spread disease throughout the house including to other pets.

You have to be careful about what a rabbit eats due to this reason alone!

If you notice a rabbit eating dog feces, it’s best to rinse them and make sure to keep tabs on their symptoms. If something is wrong, you will want to speak to a vet for more on what to do next.

Final Thoughts

Do rabbits eat dog poop?

Rabbits do attempt to eat dog poop and are known for wanting to eat anything that’s in front of them. This can lead to terrible situations where the rabbit develops unwanted symptoms including lethargy, vomiting, nausea, and pain.

The best course of action if a rabbit does eat dog poop is to consult with a vet.

They will observe the symptoms and pinpoint what type of impact the dog poop has had on your rabbit.

In some cases, it will go all the way through and the rabbit is going to be good to go.

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