Do Cats Burrow In The Ground? (Explained!)

Cats are known for being territorial and wanting to find ways to optimize their space.

It’s common among indoor and wild cats.

This is why you will often wonder what a cat perceives when it walks around. Is it possible for a cat to want to dig? Do cats burrow in the ground?

Cats do burrow in the ground as a way to protect themselves and hide from predators. It’s also used as a way to store items or resources they have collected throughout the day. In some cases, cats will also burrow themselves to hide from prey before attacking.

As mentioned, cats are strategic about how they use and manipulate their territory. This is why having a good understanding of their habitat is crucial for cats including indoor cats.

This article will look at the reasons cats burrow in the ground and why it’s natural for them to do so.

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Reasons Cats Burrow In The Ground

1. Hiding From Predators

Cats will often dig holes to hide from predators.

You can even see this instinct when a cat is hiding under the blankets. The goal is to stay out of sight as a way to shield themselves from any lingering threat in the area.

When a cat rests, it does not want to be exposed to a potential predator that is nearby. This anxiety is what causes them to dig holes in different parts of their territory.

When a cat is spending a lot of time outdoors, it’s common for them to dig holes. Cats dig holes in yards too when doing this.

The goal is always to find a spot that is all for themselves and is easy to hide in whenever necessary. It acts as a safety net for the cat when it is on the hunt or resting outdoors.

If a cat is spending a lot of time indoors, it will then begin to find these types of “burrows” indoors whether it’s behind the couch or under the bed.

do cats burrow in the ground

2. Safe Storage Spot For Resources

Cats will often dig because it creates a hidden storage spot for them.

Imagine the cat has found food and wants to save it for later. Where are they going to put it? The cat doesn’t have anything to hold the food in and that is when they start seeking safe storage areas in their territory.

This includes digging holes in the ground and attempting to store items inside.

It’s a simple way to keep their items safe and most cats will use this tactic at one point or another. This allows them to go outdoors, explore, and come back to their resources without missing a beat.

3. Good Hiding Spot Before Attacking Prey

Cats are also attacking animals in the wild.

They are higher up the food chain and are always on the lookout for potential kills. Their goal is to make sure they find a meal during their time hunting whether it’s in the middle of the day or late at night.

When they do this, they will attempt different strategies in a bid to surprise the prey.

Whether it is rabbits or squirrels, cats are always going to need to catch them off-guard. To do this, some cats will hide in the bush, while others burrow in the ground and hide there.

These tactics depend on the area and what works best in hiding from the prey.

do cats burrow in the ground

4. Good Resting Place

When a cat has to rest, it is going to find a good resting spot that is comfortable and keeps it out of harm’s way.

In the wild, it’s common for cats to be hyper-aware of their surroundings.

They do not want to be compromised when it comes to a potential attack. Due to them resting and relaxing at different times of the day, this type of safety is a must.

When a cat digs in the ground, it creates a safe spot for it to rest in.

Final Thoughts

Do cats burrow in the ground?

Cats do burrow in the ground and it’s common for them to do this. It happens because cats want to find a good hiding spot from predators, a place to store their food, and also a potential hiding spot to surprise prey.

There are several reasons for cats digging in the ground and each one depends on their circumstances.

However, one thing is true and that is cats do burrow in the ground often. It’s a normal part of their behavior outdoors in a bid to stay safe and make sure they are optimizing their territory for self-protection.

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