Can I Put My Budgie’s Cage Outside? (Answered!)

Budgies are resilient, lovable animals and great pets.

It’s normal for you to take care of them, provide them with appropriate shelter, and make sure they are living their best lives.

However, there are times when you might want to keep the budgies outside. This leaves you wondering, can I put my budgie’s cage outside?

A budgie’s cage should not be left outside. They are sensitive to temperature changes and are biologically designed to live in tropical climates. Leaving a budgie outside in the sunlight is dangerous and can lead to a heat stroke. While leaving a budgie outside in the cold will lead to death.

It’s important to ensure the budgie is kept in a warm room that is comfortable, quiet, and there’s access to food.

Leaving the budgie’s cage outside is not an option nor should it be considered for long periods. You can get away with it for a few minutes but anything past this point is dangerous and will lead to serious issues.

This article will explain why it’s bad to leave a budgie’s cage outside.

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Reasons To Not Leave Budgie’s Cage Outside

1. Sensitive To Temperature Changes

Budgies cannot live outside in the winter or the summer.

It’s dangerous for budgies to be left inside a cat when the temperature is fluctuating. The reason has to do with budgies not being strong enough to withstand such dramatic shifts in temperature.

While budgies are tropical animals, they still do not do well under the sun. If the sun is hitting the cage all day, this will lead to a heat stroke and other related symptoms.

On the other, leaving a budgie outside in the winter is disastrous and often fatal.

Budgies do not do well in cold temperatures because they are not designed for such a climate. When the temperature drops, the bird will likely pass away within a day.

You have to be careful and keep the budgie’s cage inside due to this reason.

Can I put my budgie's cage outside

2. Don’t Do Well In Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is a real concern with keeping budgies outside for long periods.

You don’t want a situation where the cage is sitting outside under the sun. Yes, you can leave the cage outside for a short period in the shade, but it is not recommended beyond this point.

The reason has to do with the sun’s movement and how exposed the cage will be to heat-related changes.

This is why budgies are better left indoors where they don’t have to worry about such hassles.

3. Ideal Inside A Climate-Controlled Room

Leaving a budgie’s cage outside is a bad idea because it’s not an ideal environment for them to thrive in.

Even if a budgie survives for a few days, it is still being exposed to dangerous conditions. These conditions can start to create medical issues for the bird and those can reduce their lifespan immediately.

To avoid such a situation, you should always keep the budgie cage inside.

This will ensure you have control over the temperature inside the birdcage at all times. This alone makes it worthwhile to keep the budgies inside with you. By doing this, you will feel under control whether it’s snowing or raining outside.

Can I put my budgie's cage outside

4. Can Increase The Budgie’s Anxiety

Budgies can become anxious when they are left outdoors.

This is unnatural to them for long periods as they are bred as pets. They do better around humans and are good pets due to this reason.

If you expose the budgie to the climate in your area, it’s possible it is not going to do well at all. The climate will make the budgie anxious and that can lead to a whole host of unwanted symptoms.

This is why it’s important to keep your budgie indoors where it is safe and stress-free.

Final Thoughts

Can I put my budgie’s cage outside?

You should not put a budgie’s cage outside unless it is in a climate-controlled setting. The reason is budgies don’t do well when the temperature fluctuates as it causes heat strokes, freezing, and a long list of unwanted symptoms. Whether it’s cold or hot, budgies do not do well outdoors.

It’s best to place the cage in a climate-controlled setting where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate.

If you are going to leave a budgie’s cage outside then make sure it is in the shade and it’s only done for a few minutes.

Anything more than this is dangerous and you are putting the budgie at risk moving forward. Avoid doing this.

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