Do Rabbits Eat Weigela? (Answered!)

Weigela is a flowering shrub found in Asia that is known for its beautiful red, pink, and yellow flowers. It’s a part of the honeysuckle family.

This plant tends to have a presence and can grow up to 4-5 feet depending on placement.

For those with weigelas in the garden, it’s essential to understand the impact this plant can have on rabbits. You will want to ask, do rabbits eat weigela?

Rabbits can eat weigelas and will do so if they are accessible. Due to the plant’s bright colors, it stands out and attracts rabbits to it. This plant is filling, easy to digest, and acts as an accessible plant for rabbits to consume.

If you have weigelas in the garden, it’s recommended to block them from rabbits. Otherwise, it is common for rabbits to eat weigelas as soon as they find them.

This article will explain the benefits of weigelas for rabbits and why they love the plant so much.

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Reasons Rabbits Eat Weigelas

1. Good Source of Calories

Rabbits like weigelas because they are a healthy source of calories.

Rabbits are voracious eaters and love munching on something. This includes fruits, vegetables, and all types of plants.

Due to this drive to eat, they will also fall in love with the idea of eating weigelas. Due to this, it’s common for rabbits to want to eat weigelas that are present in the garden. They will immediately notice the colorful plant and want to take a bite.

This is why many gardeners protect their weigelas because of the damage rabbits can do.

When rabbits begin to eat weigelas, they will often remove the bottom part of the plant and work their way up. This can damage the plant and leave it looking unappealing.

For rabbits, it’s simply easy to eat and a healthy source of calories.

Do rabbits eat weigela

2. Moist

Weigelas stand out because they are moist.

This is why they are a good shrub to consume for rabbits that are feeling thirsty or dehydrated. When a rabbit searches for plants to consume, it might think about moisture, but it does help keep them healthy.

The moisture found in this shrub is high in comparison to other plants.

This is why it’s common for rabbits to begin eating weigelas when they are walking around in a garden or somewhere outdoors.

A lot of gardeners struggle with weigelas and preventing rabbits from eating them during the warmer days of the year.

The best solution is to take a gate and set it up around the weigelas. This can include restricting access to the area using different types of physical obstacles.

3. Simple To Eat

Rabbits like weigelas because they are simple to eat.

This is one of the most important factors for rabbits because of their nature. They prefer eating foods that are easy to access and will keep them out of the way when it comes to predators.

Since several animals lurk around wanting to eat rabbits, it’s essential to find a solution that is easy for a rabbit to eat.

When it comes to the advantages of weigelas for rabbits, this is one of the main ones to keep in mind.

Do rabbits eat weigela

4. Accessible

Rabbits prefer food that is accessible to them.

This includes weigelas because they are accessible from the ground and do not expose the rabbit to predators as easily as other food sources.

Since weigelas are also found throughout the garden, it’s easier for rabbits to nibble on them from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Do rabbits eat weigela?

Rabbits do eat weigelas and will often be attracted to them due to their colorful look. It’s common for rabbits to consume weigelas because they are tasty, easy to digest and offer enough calories to keep the rabbit full.

This is why rabbits enjoy eating weigelas and will often seek them out in a garden.

If you have weigelas in the garden, it’s highly recommended to protect them by setting up a gate or any other physical obstacle. This will ensure the rabbit does not get to them.

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