Do Cats Understand No? (Solved!)

The concept of saying “No!” to an animal is unique.

It’s not easy for an owner to understand what’s getting through to their pet and what’s nothing more than noise.

This is the same logic that applies to cats at home.

A common question that arises when talking about cats is, do cats understand no?

Cats do understand no and will respond to it over time. This does not come naturally to the cat but it can be trained into recognizing the word and understanding it means they have to stop doing what they’re doing.

Each cat is unique when it comes to understanding different words. With younger cats, it’s easier to get through to them and make it a part of their life. On the other hand, senior cats are not as responsive and require more effort on your part.

Here is a look at how to make a cat understand no quickly.

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Steps On How To Get Cat To Understand No

1. Use Rewards

Let’s assume you want a cat to recognize “No!” at home.

The best approach is to have an incentive in place. This will motivate a cat to listen and pay attention to everything that is being said. Otherwise, cats are known for being good at zoning out and ignoring what their owner is doing.

To avoid a situation such as this, it’s best to have a bag of cat treats ready to go before a training session.

This is the right option to make sure the cat understands what you are saying. Always use rewards to keep the cat happy.

Too many cat owners don’t do this and that will cause the cat to lose interest. If possible, always look to use the cat’s favorite treats as it will often respond better to it than random cat treats.

Do cats understand no

2. Set Aside Time Each Day For Training

You have to set aside time during the day to train a cat on understanding no.

Otherwise, cats will not get enough training to recognize what the term means. This alone can extend the process and make it much harder to get through to your beloved pet.

If you want a cat to understand no, it’s best to set aside at least 30-60 minutes per day working on training them.

This will ensure the cat begins to recognize the meaning of no and why it is important to stop doing what it’s doing.

The connection is not going to be made overnight but it will work as you want it to. Don’t underestimate how quickly cats can pick up on these things.

3. Use “No!” With A Purpose Looking At The Cat

You also have to understand the method of saying no to a cat is essential.

This includes always making eye contact with the cat when saying “No!” as this will let it know you are speaking to it.

Cats often hear you speak during the day, so they have to be aware of what you are saying. By making eye contact, you will know their attention is on you at that moment.

It’s also important to have the treats ready to go when the cat does listen. If not, you can always hold the treats back until the cat makes the connection.

Do cats understand no

4. Be Patient

This is not going to happen quickly.

Even a well-behaved cat is going to take a long time to understand what the meaning of no is. For them, it is a foreign sound that is not going to make sense.

This is why you have to drill the idea of getting the cat to stop when you say “No!” and that will take a bit of time.

Don’t give up easily and know this is a journey that will be well worth it as soon as you are done training a cat.

Final Thoughts

Do cats understand no?

Cats do understand the meaning of no and will often respond to it once train. It’s important to train a cat to make the connection between “No!” and stopping. You can use a wide array of training methods to do this including using cat treats and other similar incentives.

Will it happen right away?

No, this is going to take a bit of time but will be well worth the effort. If a cat understands the meaning of no, it will stay safer around humans.

Training your cat to pick up on this word will go a long way in its safety. This alone makes it a valuable investment of time when training a cat.

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