Why Does My Cat Slap My Dog? (And How To Stop It!)

It’s never a pleasant sight to see your cat walk up to your dog and slap it.

This is a common occurrence in many households with multiple pets. You can often be left confused as to why the cat is behaving in this manner and what can be done to stop it.

The first question to ask is, why does my cat slap my dog?

Cats can slap dogs as a way to assert dominance. It can also do so out of boredom or stress depending on what the dog is doing. For most cases, pawing is more of a warning sign for the dog to back up.

If your dog slaps a dog then it’s likely wanting to showcase dominance in one way or another. This happens because cats are territorial and do like to assert themselves.

This article will look at how to stop a cat from slapping a dog at home.

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How To Stop A Cat From Slapping Dog

1. Separate The Food Bowls

If your cat won’t leave your dog alone then it might have to do with their food source.

Does the cat get defensive when the dog walks around? What about the timing of the aggression? Is it always around when it’s time to eat?

This can be a sign the cat is unsure about its food. It doesn’t want the food to be exposed to the dog and will attempt to protect it at all costs.

This can lead to a situation where the cat paws at a dog.

The best strategy is to separate the food bowls and have them set up in different parts of the house. As a result, the two pets will not cross paths when it is time to eat.

This can go a long way in keeping the cat happy and it will not show aggression towards the dog.

why does my cat slap my dog

2. Separate The Toys

You should take the time to separate the toys.

Just like cats becoming defensive about their food, it is also possible the cat isn’t fond of sharing its toys with the dog.

This can lead to a situation where the dog attempts to play with the toys and the cat becomes aggressive. When a cat hits a dog, it is likely due to wanting the dog to react or to push back.

This can happen if a cat doesn’t want to share its toys.

The best solution is to separate the toys and make sure they are not sharing them in the same play area.

3. Look For Other Signs To Assess Cat’s Aggression

Some cats can attack dogs because they are being aggressive.

A good set of signs to look for includes hissing, growling, and attacking with the claws out. This shows the cat is not interested in giving a gentle warning and is attempting to hurt the dog if it gets too close.

In some cases, the dog will be sitting still and the cat will attack.

When this happens, you will have to separate them and make sure the cat is re-trained to behave. This can include getting the cat used to the dog’s scent in different rooms of the house.

why does my cat slap my dog

4. Tire The Cat And Dog Out

Sometimes, the cat is going to have too much energy.

The goal should be to tire both the cat and dog out through exercise. This means taking the dog for a walk and setting up climbing towers around the house for the cat.

They should have something to do during the day when they are bored.

One of the reasons cats slap dogs has to do with being bored. If they have a lot of energy, it has to be used somewhere.

This can end up resulting in the cat harming the dog and hitting it in the head or somewhere else on the body!

Final Thoughts

Why does my cat slap my dog?

Cats can slap dogs out of aggression and wanting to assert dominance. Cats are territorial and always attempt to protect their food, toys, and other resources. This can lead to lashing out at a dog.

The best course of action is to separate everything associated with the animals. This includes where they rest, what they eat, and how they interact during the day.

The more you separate, the easier it will become for the cat to adjust. This includes tiring them out.

Don’t assume they will get better on their own as that is rarely the case. You will have to be proactive and find out what the root cause is.

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