Do Rabbits Eat Phlox? (Answered!)

Phlox is ground-covering species of plant that tends to grow in bunches along mounds and other similar surfaces.

It’s common for the plant to blossom during the summer months and has an eye-catching appearance.

Keeping this in mind, rabbits tend to live in regions where phlox is seen. This can make you wonder, do rabbits eat phlox?

Rabbits do eat phlox and are commonly attracted to woodland phlox. It’s normal for rabbits to consume this species of the plant because it’s full of nutrients, filling, and easy to digest.

In the wild, rabbits eat phlox all the time and are often seen preferring them too.

This article will look at the reasons rabbits like eating phlox and what makes them want to add it to their daily diet.

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Reasons Rabbits Eat Phlox

1. Low To The Ground For Easier Access

Rabbits like eating phlox because the plant remains low to the ground.

Rabbits are prey animals, which means they are always anxious and on the lookout for predators. They also prefer staying out of the way when it comes to anyone that is walking around or lurking in the area.

This is why they will also search for food options that are hidden or easier to access. This does act as a point they think about when finding appropriate food sources during the day.

As a result, eating phlox makes sense to rabbits.

This is a low-growing plant that tends to grow in bunches making it easier to access. When it does grow in the environment, the plant doesn’t get in the way at all.

This makes it ideal for rabbits to consume freely.

They don’t mind the idea of finding phlox and taking a bite. Since they grow in abundance, most animals do prefer phlox when they come across them including rabbits.

Do rabbits eat phlox

2. Filling

Rabbits do eat phlox because it is a filling plant.

This means rabbits can continue to satisfy their hunger during the day without having to find extra sources of food.

Even a little bit of phlox is heavy and will fill up a rabbit’s stomach. This makes it easier for them to eat during the day and feel good about how many calories have been consumed.

This is why giving phlox to a rabbit is fine as long as it is clean.

The more filling a plant is, the better the rabbit is going to feel because they don’t have to keep searching for new food options in the area. This is one of the main reasons rabbits end up getting hunted because they expose themselves in the search of food.

3. Easy To Digest

Based on digestibility, phlox is good for rabbits.

It doesn’t take a lot for rabbits to munch on phlox and retain all of the key nutrients found in the plant.

If digestion is a key requirement then phlox is a good plant to have. It is easy for the rabbit to consume and doesn’t harm their digestive system even when consumed in large quantities. This is why rabbits nibble on phlox whenever they have the chance to do so.

Rabbits love phlox because of this benefit.

Do rabbits eat phlox

4. Good Source of Nutrients

Nutrients are one of the most important requirements to think about as a rabbit owner.

By giving phlox to a rabbit, you are going to help it gain access to key nutrients. This includes specific vitamins and minerals that go a long way in keeping the rabbit fresh.

While it is not as nutritious as vegetables or fruits, it does offer loads of value to rabbits that consume it.

This is why it’s normal for rabbits to want to eat phlox and make the most of it in their environment.

Final Thoughts

Do rabbits eat phlox?

Rabbits do eat phlox and will commonly seek out specific species of this plant such as the woodland phlox. The reason has to do with the plant being easy to access, digestible, and full of key nutrients including vitamins.

It’s recommended to incorporate phlox into a rabbit’s diet from time to time. They will enjoy the taste and it also goes well with other vegetables or fruits a rabbit munches on.

Diversifying the rabbit’s diet is a good option as long as it is getting all of its nutrients. In this case, phlox is good for rabbits and can be a great plant to give to them from time to time.

If you want to improve a rabbit’s diet then giving it a bit of phlox is smart. It will taste good and is readily available in different parts of the world to keep the rabbit happy.

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