My Cat Hates The TV! (What To Do Next!)

Do you have a cat that is mesmerized by the TV and can’t seem to ignore it?

This is a common phenomenon as many cats can’t seem to tell the difference between what’s on-screen and what’s real. It makes sense as cats do not have the same understanding as humans nor do they see the world in the same manner.

This includes any TV that is in front of a cat.

Due to this, you might want to find out why a cat hates TVs so much.

Cats can hate TVs because it’s an uncontrolled variable in their environment making scary noises that can leave the cat feeling skittish or anxious. This nervousness can cause the cat to act out by pawing at the TV.

It’s important to nip this problem in the bud rather than letting it continue for too long. Otherwise, there will come a time when the cat is going to break the TV at home by pushing it over or scratching it.

This article will take a look at what to do if a cat hates watching TV and wants to attack it all the time.

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How To Stop Cat From Attacking The TV

1. Set Up Pet Gate

Setting up a pet gate is one of the best things a cat owner can do in situations such as these.

If a cat doesn’t like watching TV then it’s best to maintain a distance between it and the TV. It’s the only way to ensure the cat doesn’t pounce on the television when it gets the chance to do so.

Having a simple pet gate in front of the TV, you will create a natural barrier between the cat and the TV.

This is a good short-term solution before you come up with a more reliable option.

Choose a pet gate that is high enough to ensure the cat can’t jump over it.

My cat hates the tv

2. Let TV Run Without The Sound

If a cat hates the TV, you will want it to get used to the screen.

The best way of doing this is to let the TV run in the background during the day. This will desensitize the cat to the screen and it will begin to ignore it.

Most of the issues arise because the TV isn’t turned on often and the cat gets overstimulated by the visuals or sounds. When you let it run in the background without sound, the cat will get used to the visuals after a while.

This is when you can start incorporating sound into the mix by turning it up a little.

3. Choose Mundane Channels In the Beginning

It’s smart to start with mundane channels that are not too loud and will have simple programming. It can even be a channel that shows a fire background or something as simple as running water.

You just want the cat to get used to the screen playing visuals that are non-threatening.

It’s the only way to get the cat used to what’s playing in front of it.

If you start with an action-packed experience, the cat will get nervous and is either going to run in the opposite room or paw at the screen.

My cat hates the tv

4. Leave The Light On

You should always leave the light on when watching TV with a cat around.

The idea is to ensure its focus doesn’t solely go on the TV screen. When the light is out, the eye will naturally go to the light source and that’s the TV in a dark room.

By having the light on, the cat will look at other parts of the room and find something else to do rather than getting fixated on the screen.

When you watch TV at night, make sure to leave the light on. This will make it a lot easier for the cat to stay calm when the screen is on.

Final Thoughts

My cat hates the tv!

Cats hate TVs because they get overstimulated by the changing visuals and sounds. It’s recommended to keep the volume down when watching TV and slowly help the cat get used to the visuals. Over time, the cat will begin to ignore the screen.

Take this in a step-by-step manner to see good results.

If you try to immediately watch loud movies or tv shows, you will end up in a situation where the cat gets anxious. This can lead to long-term issues where the cat associates the TV with negative emotions.

This is when the cat tries to hit the screen and damage it.

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