Do Cats Eat Squirrels?

It can be fascinating to observe a cat hunting in the wild.

They will scour the land looking for prey. This is natural to them and it’s something all cats pursue at one point or another.

However, you will often wonder about the types of animals cats hunt. This includes asking, do cats eat squirrels?

Cats do eat squirrels and are more than happy to hunt them. It’s common to see cats chasing squirrels to kill and will consume them if hungry. It’s also possible for a cat to kill the squirrel and then leave it uneaten. This type of behavior is seen with indoor cats that hunt for play.

In a cat’s eyes, squirrels are prey and they will go after them when given a chance to do so.

This article will take a look at why cats like to eat squirrels.

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Reasons Cats Eat Squirrels

1. Part of the Food Chain

My cat ate a squirrel!

This is a common quote that comes up when cat owners mention their pet’s hunts. It’s normal for a cat to go out, spot a squirrel, and start chasing after it.

While squirrels are not the only animals cats go after, they are often an easy target due to their willingness to dart around. This catches the cat’s attention and causes them to go after the squirrel outdoors.

The main reason for cats eating squirrels comes down to the food chain. In a cat’s eyes, the squirrel is a part of the food chain and can be hunted for consumption.

Even indoor cats that are well-fed will naturally want to chase the squirrel. It comes from within and it is hard to restrict unless the cat is disinterested on its own.

This is why it’s important to keep a cat well-fed at all times. Otherwise, they will always want to go outdoors and are going to get a taste of hunting mice or squirrels.

Since cats do eat squirrels, it’s normal for them to want to go after these animals in the wild. They will do so even if they are an indoor cat.

Do cats eat squirrels

2. Good Source of Protein

Will a squirrel fight a cat?

It’s possible a squirrel might defend itself against a cat but the fight won’t be an easy one. Most cats are bigger, stronger, and simply better when it comes to a one-on-one chase.

This is why it is important to look at what drives a cat to go after the squirrel.

Squirrels get eaten by cats because they are a good source of protein. This is something the cat needs to stay nourished and that is what drives it to find new meat sources including squirrels.

3. Natural Instinct To Hunt

Cats can eat squirrels and will have an instinct to hunt them.

If you ever observe a cat staring out the window, it will notice animals move around. This can cause the cat to perk up and pay attention to the prey that is outside the property.

This is common with all types of cats including indoor cats.

This instinct is a part of who they are and it is hard to curb. They will want to go after the squirrel and that happens even when they are not hungry.

Due to this instinct to hunt, a cat will go after a squirrel outdoors.

Do cats eat squirrels

4. Filling

Imagine being a cat.

It is normal for cats to hunt for food in the wild. This happens with indoor cats that spend a lot of time outdoors too.

As a result, the cat will want to conserve its energy and make sure it finds an animal that is worth hunting.

You should always account for this when learning about a cat’s hunting patterns. They will want to find animals that will be filling for the day and a worthy meal. This is something that is possible with hunting a squirrel.

Final Thoughts

Do cats eat squirrels?

Cats do eat squirrels and will often hunt them in the wild. It’s also common to see cats chase after squirrels for play and they might even kill them while doing so.

All types of cats eat squirrels and they will like the idea of chasing after them. This is natural to cats and it is something they do with all types of animals including rabbits, mice, and of course squirrels.

If you have an indoor cat that likes squirrels, it’s recommended to keep it well-fed. This should curb some of the cat’s enthusiasm. For the rest, you should be giving it something else to chase around the house including toys.

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