What Do Cats Hate To Walk On? (4 Things To Use!)

Cats are selective when it comes to surfaces they walk on and surfaces they avoid. It’s common to see a cat tap its paw against specific textures and decide to head in the opposite direction.

This is why you will often wonder, what do cats hate to walk on?

Cats hate to walk on specific materials such as aluminum foil, plastics, and sticky paper. They also avoid certain smells such as aloe, citrus, citronella, and eucalyptus oil. They associate these with foreign smells and textures that are dangerous.

This is why a lot of cat owners will set up these textures or smells near doors they don’t want the cat going through.

It’s a safe way to regulate their actions and ensure the cat stays where it is supposed to.

This article will take a look at some of the things cats hate to walk on and why that is the case.

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Surfaces Cats Hate To Walk On

1. Aluminum Foil

Cats are known to hate specific surfaces and aluminum foil tends to bother them a lot.

This is often unique for experts to assess because the foil is not sticky or painful to walk on. This is something most cats will avoid as soon as they go near the foil.

So, what is the reason cats don’t like aluminum foil and don’t want to walk on it?

The reason has to do with the crinkling noise and the unique texture. Cats don’t like the crinkling noise it makes as soon as they touch it and this can be perceived as a potential threat to their life.

Since cats are used to quiet surfaces to walk on, the change in noise startles them.

Most cats will not want to go near the aluminum foil and will look from far away. Some cats are inquisitive and might give it a shot only to run in the opposite direction!

This is common and it has a lot to do with the sound.

what do cats hate to walk on

2. Sticky Flooring or Tape

This is one of the more common surfaces cats don’t like to walk on.

If there is a little bit of sticky tape on the floor, it will startle the cat and make them want to avoid getting stuck in a bad spot. They will not like the sticky sensation against their fur and it will make them want to avoid it at all costs.

This is why a lot of people set up sticky tape near entrances they don’t want the cat going through.

If you are dealing with stray cats then using sticky tape is the way to go. It will ensure they don’t attempt to push through because the tape itself is going to become a hurdle.

3. Plastics

This is a type of surface cats don’t like to walk on.

The reason for not wanting to run on a plastic surface has to do with instability. This material tends to cause them to slide and might be deemed unsafe in the cat’s eyes.

Some cats do attempt to stick it out in a bid to get to where they want to. However, it is not as easy, and that instability is the reason cats don’t like walking on plastic.

Just setting up a sheet of plastic will cause the cat to react in this manner.

what do cats hate to walk on

4. Ice

Cats prefer to stay away from the ice.

They will not like the sensation of losing grip from under their feet. This can cause the cat to slip and slide all over the place, which is dangerous.

This is why they will take one look at the ice and head in the opposite direction.

If you set up ice, the cat is also going to avoid the cold sensation against its body. This sensation is not appealing and something the cat will prefer to avoid at all costs.

Final Thoughts

What do cats hate to walk on?

Cats hate to walk on a long list of surfaces including aluminum foil, sticky tape, plastics, and ice. These surfaces tend to be difficult to walk on for cats due to their texture, noise, and overall stability.

As a result, cats will try to paw at the surface and test if it moves. If not, the cat is going to avoid walking on it.

This is simply a self-preservation tactic by the cat to ensure it doesn’t endanger itself.

If you are looking to keep cats away from the home then using one of these surfaces near the entrance is the way to go. It will keep the cats out.

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