Why Is Dog Whining In Crate All Of A Sudden? (And How To Help!)

It’s not a pleasant experience to deal with a dog whining in the crate all of a sudden.

You will want to figure out what’s going on and how to put an end to it. For dog owners that do have a dog whining in a crate, it’s essential to understand the reason before finding a solution.

Dogs can start whining in a crate all of a sudden when they are anxious about something outside the crate, sick, bored, or starting to outgrow the crate. It’s best to get the dog checked by a vet and make changes to the crate.

Some dogs are okay with crates as puppies but do tend to outgrow them after a while. This is normal as they want to explore and stay outside the crate.

This is something you have to account for and be ready to face as a dog owner.

Here is a look at the reasons a dog will whine in a crate and what to do about it safely.

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Reasons Dog Is Whining In A Dog Crate

1. Anxious

A dog can start crying in the crate because it’s anxious.

This happens for several reasons including being scared of something outside the crate (i.e. a stranger, new pet). If the dog believes something is endangering it, there will be a cry for help or panic.

It’s common for this to occur and it’s essential to relocate the crate or get the dog used to new stimulation including a pet or human.

dog whining in crate all of a sudden

2. Bored

There are times when a dog starts growing older and gets bored inside the cage.

It begins to understand there is more fun to be had outside the crate. This can be something as simple as wanting to sit by the window and stare at people walking by.

However, it is possible to fix this issue by adding dog toys inside the crate or changing the size of the crate to a larger one.

3. Outgrowing The Dog Crate

A lot of dog owners don’t realize that a crate has to be the right size and it won’t always be like that.

If you are not buying a larger dog crate for a growing dog, there may be issues that are going to pop up including whining.

A dog can start crying in a crate when it is too big for it. This leads the dog to fret and become anxious.

dog whining in crate all of a sudden

4. Dealing With An Illness

This is one of the worst reasons for a dog crying in its crate suddenly.

The reason involves pain or discomfort that is causing it to feel restricted inside the crate. To test this theory, you should let the dog out and see if it continues to change its behavior or cry out.

If so, this means there is an underlying medical illness that is making the dog upset. You should get it checked by a vet.

How To Help Dog Whining In Crate

1. Visit the Vet

Your first option should be to visit the vet and get all of the serious concerns out of the way. Your dog’s health has to be a top priority.

Consult with the vet, let them know about the whining, and go from there.

If everything checks out, you can then begin filtering out reasons that can be corrected at home including anxiety, boredom, or general size-related issues.

2. Test the Dog Outside the Crate

You should always look to test the dog outside its crate.

This means seeing if the dog continues to whine when it is outside. Does the dog look for a different hiding spot or does it want to start playing inside the house?

These are patterns that will let you know why the dog wanted to be outside the crate.

dog whining in crate all of a sudden

3. Change the Crate or Relocate It

You should always look to relocate the dog crate and see if the location is the main reason for the dog’s discomfort.

It might not like being in a specific part of the house due to the temperature or traffic. Look into this and make sure to see if a new spot works well.

Another option is to simply buy a larger dog crate and prep it for your dog’s needs. Sometimes, all it takes is a change of the dog crate.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons for a dog wishing in its crate suddenly.

Dogs can start crying in a dog crate suddenly due to anxiety, health issues, boredom, or not fitting inside. It’s essential to change the dog crate and make sure there are toys inside to keep the dog busy.

If you don’t take the time to prep the dog crate, the dog may keep whining inside the crate moving forward.

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