How Do I Get A Rabies Tag For My Dog?

Getting a rabies tag for your dog is an excellent choice.

The reason for getting a rabies tag is to indicate the dog has been inoculated for the disease. This is essential as it is common for states to have severe consequences in place for dog owners that ignore this requirement.

It’s also a safety concern that has to be taken seriously for pets and humans.

Due to this, you will wonder, how do I get a rabies tag for my dog?

You can get a rabies tag for your dog by showing the “Rabies Vaccination Certificate” to a designated government agency in your state. This certificate has to be up-to-date highlighting when the vaccine was taken. Once this is approved, a nominal fee is paid for a set amount of time (1-3 years) before a new tag is needed.

Don’t ignore this as it is often illegal to own a dog that does not have a rabies tag.

If you are looking to get a rabies tag for your dog, read through the state laws where you reside. This will shed light on what to do after you get the Rabies Vaccination Certificate from where the vaccine is given.

Here is a deeper look at how to get a rabies tag for your dog.

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Tips On Getting A Rabies Tag For Your Dog

1. Get The Vaccine

When it comes to the rabies vaccine for dogs, it’s important to understand getting the vaccine is the first step.

You will want to go to a specialist and ask for the rabies vaccine. There are specific procedures in place for the dog to get vaccinated and that has to be the first step before looking for a rabies tag.

The vaccine will be the first and most important step in securing the dog’s health.

By doing this, you are now going to know the dog is legally allowed to be your pet and is safe. From this point forward, you can begin to look for a rabies tag.

2. Ask For Rabies Vaccination Certificate

Once you get the rabies shot for your dog, it’s time to look at finding proof of the rabies vaccination tag.

The goal here is to officialize what has taken place and make sure it is recorded with the state government agency.

To do this, you are first going to have to acquire the rabies vaccination certificate from where the vaccine was taken. They will have a set of steps to follow and are going to mention these as soon as you walk in with your dog.

Make sure to listen to those steps and get the certificate.

You might ask, “Do vets give rabies tags?”

Some vets do give rabies tags but it depends on where the vaccination takes place. Each clinic is different and it’s best to inquire in person to learn more about what’s permitted and what’s not.

3. Submit Certificate To The Government

Once you have the certificate, it’s time to reach out to the government.

Most allow you to order the rabies tags online by submitting the certificate. They simply want proof with all of the necessary information on the document including where you got the certificate from.

This is done to verify the nitty-gritty details before giving the rabies tags.

how do i get a rabies tag for my dog

4. Receive The Rabies Tag For Dog

The last step is to wait for the rabies tags to come in.

They will be sent by the government and then you can use them for your dog. It’s recommended to have the dog wear the rabies tag to ensure everyone knows it is fully vaccinated.

It’s best to keep the dog wearing this tag for safety purposes.

It will help protect the dog if it were to go astray. This goes a long way in making sure your dog is protected when it needs to be and there is no threat associated with it.

Final Thoughts

How do I get a rabies tag for my dog?

To get a rabies tag for your dog, it’s best to visit a specialist to get the vaccine. This specialist will then provide a Rabies Vaccination Certificate with all of the relevant details on it. This certificate has to be submitted to the government along with a small fee. Pay this and the rabies tags will be sent to you.

It’s this simple once you get the dog vaccinated.

Make sure to get this done as soon as possible due to state laws being strict. You do not want to lose your dog due to this reason.

Keep things simple and make sure you are focusing on the rabies tag.

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