Why Is Cat Overgrooming Base Of Tail (Step-By-Step Solution!)

Cats can sometimes become overzealous when it comes to grooming their tails.

At first, you are not going to notice the change or it might seem odd. It’s common for cats to want to groom all parts of the body and that does include the tail.

However, when it is done excessively, this is when there are issues to sort through. You will want to find out why a cat is overgrooming the base of its tail.

Cats can start overgrooming the base of their tail due to fleas or an allergic reaction to the litter box, bedding, or anything else they’re making contact with. To soothe themselves, the cat might attempt to lick the area. It’s best to wipe the tail and make sure the cat is kept clean to ensure it doesn’t overgroom.

You will want to go through each issue to find out what is plaguing your cat.

Whether it is the type of cat litter being used or allergies, it is important to get to the bottom of things as soon as possible.

This article will provide a step-by-step solution for helping a cat that is overgrooming the base of its tail.

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How To Stop Cat From Overgrooming Base Of Tail

1. Inspect The Area

With a cat licking the base of its tail, you will want to immediately inspect the area.

This has to be the first step to ensure you are understanding what the root cause is of this problem. A lot of people don’t realize how damaging overgrooming can be and sometimes the problem is easy to resolve.

A common reason for this has to do with fleas.

This can irritate the base of the tail leading to constant inflammation. This causes the cat to want to soothe the area and lose fur. You have to get rid of the fleas and make sure the cat is clean throughout the day.

If the fleas are not removed, this problem will continue. The same goes for potential allergies that are causing a reaction in the area.

cat overgrooming base of tail

2. Clean The Area With Specialized Wipes

If a cat is overgrooming its tail and there are no fleas, it might be time to take wipes to soothe the area.

Buy specialized wipes for cats and give the base of the tail a gentle rub. This will help improve the condition of the problem area and make sure the cat feels relieved. It will also stop the cat from wanting to lick the base of its tail all the time.

3. Change the Litter

The litter box is often overlooked when it comes to these matters.

A good option is to simply change the type of litter being used. Since the cat is resting on the litter box for long periods, you will have to make sure it is not having an allergic reaction to the formulation.

A simple change will go a long way.

A cat that is overgrooming its bum has to be taken care of. You don’t want the situation to get to the point where it worsens and other parts of the body get impacted.

Take your time and make sure the change all aspects of the litter box as soon as you can.

cat overgrooming base of tail

4. Change the Bedding

You should aim to change the bedding.

The goal is to ensure you are finding all of the spots where a cat’s tail will be overgroomed. This includes changing the bedding and making sure the cat is not resting on materials that are unsafe or causing an allergic reaction.

Even if this is not the case, it’s recommended to change the bedding. It will help start things afresh and allow the cat to feel safe as it rests on the bedding.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about when it comes to helping a cat that is overgrooming its tail.

Cats can overgroom the base of their tails due to fleas or an allergic reaction. This can occur due to the type of cat litter being used or the cat’s bedding. It’s recommended to go through each potential cause and find out what is bothering your cat.

To prevent a cat from overgrooming the base of its tail, it’s highly recommended to wipe the area safely. This will ensure the base of its tail is kept safe and clean at all times.

Simply wiping the area will go a long way and is going to help soothe the cat. Otherwise, it will continue to overgroom the area with reckless abandon. You can stop this by keeping the area clean.

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