Indoor Cat Wants To Go Outside – Is It Safe?

Cats are inquisitive and will be intrigued by what’s happening outside.

It’s an instinct that is hard to shake off even with indoor cats. The sounds, sights, and smells will stand out to the point a cat is going to be eager to take a closer look.

This can often make you wonder what to do if an indoor cat wants to go outside.

Letting an indoor cat go outside is fine as long as it’s done in a controlled manner. This includes setting up an outdoor enclosure to ensure the cat doesn’t stray beyond a certain point. If the cat is receptive to the idea, it’s okay to use a leash too.

Most cats will exhibit interest in going outdoors at one point or another. This is acceptable as long as they are not left to do as they please. This is what puts indoor cats in real danger.

This article will take a look at tips for letting an indoor cat go outside.

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Tips For Letting Indoor Cat Go Outside

1. Use an Outdoor Enclosure

The most effective solution is to have a controlled spot for the cat to explore.

Rather than letting an indoor cat roam outside without control, it’s best to have an enclosure set up outdoors. This can be a simple enclosure that is boxed in and ensures the cat only walks where it is safe.

Most cat owners will look to set it up in the yard as a way to let the cat walk around outdoors.

How big should an outdoor enclosure for cats be?

You can make it as big or small as you want while ensuring there’s enough space for the cat to walk around. You can start with a smaller 6×6 enclosure and then work your way up from there depending on how much space is available to you.

Going with something too small might irritate the cat or turn it into a caged situation. This is not appealing to the cat.

Let the cat explore a little bit and see what the outdoor world has to offer.

indoor cat wants to go outside

2. Use a Leash

If you have a cat that is willing to accept a leash then this is one of the best ways to take the cat outside.

You can control where it goes and you can even go for short walks around the neighborhood. This is appealing as it will let you cover more ground and change things up while keeping the cat interested.

Leash training for cats is not like dogs and most will not like it. This is why you should test it at home and get the cat used to walking with a leash indoors before going outside.

indoor cat wants to go outside

3. Start With A Carrier

If you have a cat that is always bouncing around and is hard to control then it might be time to use a cat carrier.

The carrier is just a starting point.

The idea is to get an indoor cat used to the outdoors by taking it out in a carrier. This will ensure the cat has feel for what the outside world has to offer while still being kept in a small carrier.

After a few trips, you can then move on to another solution such as a leash or an outdoor enclosure for cats.

A lot of people don’t do this and that is when some indoor cats become overzealous. The sudden burst of outdoor stimulants will hit the indoor cat hard and they can overreact to the situation.

This is why getting them used to this scenario with a cat carrier is smart.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow when working with an indoor cat that wants to go outside.

When letting an indoor cat go outside, it’s recommended to use a controlled solution such as an outdoor cat enclosure or a leash. The goal is to let the cat explore the outdoors without having to run around independently.

The reason it is not safe for an indoor cat to go outside is due to them being hunted by other animals. It is also dangerous as indoor cats are not as well-prepared for the outdoors as feral cats.

They will not have been raised in that environment and even instinctual reactions are not a sharp as a cat that was born outdoors.

Keep this in mind when it comes to an indoor cat begging to go outside. It’s fine for them to want it, but you have to be responsible as a cat owner to ensure they are not being put in danger.

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