Can Cats Open Doors? (Answered!)

It’s fascinating to see how smart and aware cats are.

Whether a cat is indoors or outdoors, it will observe everything. This includes a person walking around the home opening doors to get through.

Eventually, you are going to wonder, can cats open doors?

Cats can open doors and will continue to try twisting the handle to get through. Most cats will observe humans do it and catch on. In general, lever handles are easier to open but cats will attempt to open all kinds of doors.

They are persistent and that is what makes them high IQ animals. They do pay attention and will want to do the same as a human would indoors.

This article will take a look at more on how cats open doors and what to do if your cat opens doors at home.

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What To Do If Cat Opens Doors At Home

1. Use a Lock

It is important to make use of a door lock.

You will have to set up a door lock on specific doors that might be dangerous for a cat to go through. For example, you will not want the cat to be around the electrical panel or a room where there is a lot of electronic equipment sitting around.

The same goes for other parts of the house including parts where there is a furnace or a fireplace.

Just from a safety perspective, it is essential to be careful about where you let a cat go.

The last thing you are going to want is a situation where the cat goes through a door and then gets injured. Remember, cats can open doors and will do when given the chance.

Set up a lock on doors that are important need to be closed at all times. If you are not careful, the cat is going to take advantage of the situation and continue to work on the door until it goes through.

Cats don’t have the same view of what is safe and what is not. This is why you have to be responsible for the cat and make sure it is safe.

Can cats open doors

2. Set Up Door Guard

When figuring out how to stop a cat from opening doors, you will want to look at setting up a door guard.

These specialized door guards take seconds to install and will provide enough protection to keep the cat where you want it to stay.

Just set up the door guard along the side of the door and it will lock as soon as the door opens. You will have to manually remove it and that is enough protection to ensure the cat doesn’t go where it is not supposed to.

These door guards are robust, efficient, and safe for all types of cats.

You can set it up without hesitation knowing the door guard is going to work as you want it to.

Can cats open doors

3. Place Sticky Tape On Floor

How common is it for cats to open doors?

Cats will open doors as often as they can depending on easiness. If it is easy for a cat to open the door, it will do so whenever necessary. It simply becomes another hurdle for the cat to go through.

This is why placing the sticky tape on the floor is a good option.

Just place double-sided tape in front of the door and that feeling should stop the cat from wanting to go through.

Can cats open round door knobs?

Cats can open all types of door handles including round door knobs. It will take longer but eventually, the cat will apply enough force for it to open.

This is why it’s best to set up the sticky tape wherever you can in front of the door.

Final Thoughts

Can cats open doors?

Cats can open doors and will pay attention to how humans do it. This ensures the cat eventually learns how to open the door and attempts to do it on its own. Cats can open doors with round knobs and lever handles making it important to set up a door guard or latch.

If you assume the cat isn’t going to test the door then you are mistaken. Cats do pay attention to these things and will attempt at one point or another.

It’s important to stay safe and make sure you are as confident as possible in what you are doing. The cat’s safety has to be paramount and that will only happen when you install a safeguard.

This can include a door latch, door guard, or sticky tape on the floor.

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