Should A Rabbit Hutch Be Off The Ground? (Answered!)

Rabbit hutches are an integral part of a rabbit’s life and should be well-maintained. It’s also important to consider how the rabbit hutch is being installed.

This includes how high off of the ground a rabbit hutch is.

You will want to ask, should a rabbit hutch be off the ground?

A rabbit hutch should always be off the ground. This ensures the rabbit hutch doesn’t become victim to predators, flooding water, and doesn’t lead to an anxious rabbit. The higher a rabbit hutch is, the safer it is for a rabbit.

Find the right balance between height and stability to make sure the rabbit hutch is a sturdy part of the rabbit’s life. It should not wobble as soon as someone walks into the area.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of having the rabbit hutch off of the ground.

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Benefits Of Raising Rabbit Hutch Off The Ground

1. Protects Against Predators

A rabbit hutch cannot be on the ground because it provides easier access to predators.

This can include all sorts of animals such as dogs, cats, or coyotes. Any animal that manages to get close to the rabbit hutch is going to pose a serious risk to the safety of the rabbits and they will have nowhere to go.

This is why it is your responsibility as a rabbit owner to make sure the rabbit hutch is off the ground by at least a foot or two.

Predators are always going to be eager to go after the rabbits. Remember, rabbits are prey animals in the food chain and that makes them an open target for loads of animals.

You should take the time to increase the rabbit hutch’s height to protect your rabbits. This will also provide peace of mind for you as the owner. No one wants to deal with a situation where the rabbits’ lives are at risk.

Don’t assume the rabbits are safe on the ground. They will not be.

Should a rabbit hutch be off the ground

2. Reduces Rabbit’s Anxiety

You also have to think about the psychological impact a low rabbit hutch can have on your rabbits.

They are going to feel anxious all the time and that is not good for a nervous animal such as a rabbit. They are not going to be happy inside the rabbit hutch because it will make them feel like open targets.

You have to make sure the rabbit feels at home and that will only happen when the hutch is higher off of the ground. This is a must.

If you assume keeping the rabbit hutch on the ground is a good idea, you will have a rabbit that doesn’t act normally. They will display signs of panic due to how exposed they are.

3. Prevents Sitting Water & Flooding

A rabbit hutch should not be on the ground because of external conditions (i.e. rain).

If you are setting up the rabbit hutch outdoors, it is going to be victim to all weather conditions including rainstorms. When these rainstorms roll around, there is going to be sitting water on the ground.

When a rabbit hutch is flush to the ground, the water may flood into the hutch. This is dangerous for your rabbit.

Not only is it going to be dangerous but it will also make the rabbit hutch messy. Avoid a situation such as this by simply raising the rabbit hutch by a few feet.

Should a rabbit hutch be off the ground

4. Increases Longevity

You should take the time to increase the longevity of the rabbit hutch.

A lot of the damage that is done is near the bottom of the rabbit hutch. This is due to how flush it sits to the ground and the amount of movement that happens around the base.

You will want to increase the longevity of the rabbit hutch by raising it a few feet. A simple adjustment such as this will make a real difference over the long term.

Final Thoughts

Should a rabbit hutch be off the ground?

A rabbit hutch should not be on the ground. It should be off the ground by a few feet. This will help the rabbits feel confident and keep them safe from lurking predators. This is a good precaution to take and is a must for a safer living arrangement.

If you keep the rabbit hutch on the ground, you are going to be exposing the rabbits to a long list of risks.

You never want to put the rabbits in a spot where they are in danger. This is not ideal for rabbits and will always have them anxious.

This is a key detail to think about as a rabbit owner.

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