My Dog Is Pacing And Won’t Lie Down!

Being in a situation where your dog is pacing around can be disconcerting.

You will want to figure out what is going on and why the dog is pacing inside the house. Some reasons are going to be more obvious than the others but it is essential to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

If you are saying, “My dog is pacing and won’t lie down!” then it’s time to start with the basics.

Dogs can pace around without lying down when they are anxious, in pain, or dealing with a phobia. In these cases, dogs will not settle and are going to be on high alert. This is a common “survival instinct” that kicks in even when it is not warranted.

The most important thing for a dog owner is to read the dog’s reactions. Pay attention to what is causing the dog to run around without lying down.

Is it dealing with pain? Is it showing other symptoms that can be included with the pacing?

Ask these questions and take the time to get to what is the real cause of the dog running around inside the house.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons for a dog pacing around without lying down.

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Reasons Dog Is Pacing Without Lying Down

1. Separation Anxiety

One of the most common reasons for a dog pacing around has to do with separation anxiety.

It will not want to sit still because it’s feeling anxious and separated. This happens when a dog owner leaves for long periods and doesn’t take the dog with them.

This can be something as simple as going through the entire day on its own. When a dog owner goes to work or school, there are times dogs don’t adjust as well as you would think. They will get worried and feel alone.

This separation anxiety will cause a dog to start pacing. It will not want to settle down because its mind is in a panicked state.

The best course of action in situations such as these is to work on the dog’s separation anxiety. The best way to do this is to start with reduced periods where you leave the house. Just walk out of the house for a few minutes and come back.

What you want the dog to believe is that you will always come back. Even if you are gone the entire day. They need to know you are not abandoning them.

Once the dog makes that connection, it will stop pacing around all the time. This is one of the most important things a dog owner has to look for with dogs.

my dog is pacing and won't lie down

2. Phobia

If your dog is restless and won’t sit still then it might be dealing with a phobia.

There are several types of phobias that dogs have including being scared of thunder or going to the vet.

When the dog realizes this is going to happen, they get restless or anxious. This causes them to go into a panicked state where they need to be calmed down. Some dogs will hide and others are going to begin to pace around the room.

If your dog is pacing and panting then this might be the reason why.

The dog’s phobia will get the better of it and the dog won’t know what to do. This is common and you will want to comfort the dog during this period so it knows it is safe.

my dog is pacing and won't lie down

3. Pain

This is something you don’t want to rule out at all.

If a dog is running around and panicked then it might have to do with a physical ailment. The dog might have been injured or is sick to the point it can’t sit down.

This will cause the dog to get restless or frustrated with its health. When this happens, you will notice other symptoms including the dog not wanting to lie down at all even when it is tired.

The best option is to take the dog to the vet to see what’s going on inside.

Final Thoughts

My dog is pacing and won’t lie down!

A dog that is pacing and won’t like down is likely suffering from separation anxiety, phobia, or pain that has not been diagnosed. It’s important to consult with a vet to learn more about the dog’s physical health.

This happens all the time with all types of dogs.

You have to be patient and make sure to understand what’s going on with the dog. The reasons listed here are a good starting point.

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