Can Animal Control Take My Dog For Barking?

Barking is a natural part of a dog’s life.

It’s something that will happen in all types of situations. However, some dog owners do worry about how loud a dog barks and whether or not it can lead to the dog being taken away.

You may even ask, can animal control take my dog for barking?

Animal control can take your dog for excessive barking. This is usually a last resort after multiple noise complaints and warnings. If the dog owner fails to make appropriate changes, the dog will be taken away.

Most dog owners are made aware of what’s going on and will make changes. If you refuse to do so then there will be consequences due to the noise pollution.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons animal control can use to take away a dog for noise.

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Reasons Animal Control Can Take Dog Away For Noise

1. Timing of the Barking

One of the main reasons animal control can take your dog away is due to excessive barking during the night.

Imagine a neighbor is sleeping at 2 AM and the dog begins to bark loudly. This will wake them up and it can become a real concern if it persists for too long.

This is why most dog owners are recommended to keep the dog indoors during the nighttime rather than letting it out. This can lead the dog to start barking aggressively when it should be sitting indoors.

If this continues for a long period, it is common for a noise complaint to be filed against the dog owner.

You will want to make sure to rectify this issue before you get a warning. In most cases, animal control is not going to come in and remove the dog due to excessive barking. They will want to resolve the issue first.

This includes letting the dog owner know about the noise complaint and how to stop the dog from barking loudly during the night.

Only when this continues for weeks or months will animal control come and take the dog away.

Can animal control take my dog for barking

2. Refusal To Make Changes

The biggest reason a dog will be taken away has to do with refusing to make changes. This goes for any type of complaint including aggression.

You have to make sure to implement positive changes that help improve the dog’s behavior.

If you are just getting started, it’s best to find out how long a dog can bark legally? In most cases, it will not be for hours at night!

This is why it’s best to take a step back and figure out what needs to be done to make sure the dog is not bothering your neighbors at night. If the dog is barking loudly, you will want to make immediate changes to where it is located.

Bring the dog indoors and let it bark inside. Even if this disturbs you, it is a lot better than losing your dog because you failed to control its barking.

If the neighbor called animal control on your dog, there is no reason to get frustrated. Just accept the complaint and make the necessary changes to show you are willing to adapt. This is the responsible thing to do.

Can animal control take my dog for barking

3. General Aggression

Dogs are known for barking and it is natural for them to do so.

What becomes an issue is when there is aggression to go along with the barking. This can lead to neighbors feeling unsafe around the dog and getting worried that it will attack.

Animal control is usually lenient when it comes to barking but will be far more careful if there is noteworthy aggression involved. This is when the dog becomes a real threat to everyone inside and outside the property.

Your dog can be taken away for barking if it is followed by aggression. This is why making appropriate changes is a must as a dog owner.

Final Thoughts

Can animal control take my dog for barking?

Animal control can take away your dog for barking but will only do so as a last resort. They will give you multiple warnings and try to work with you to rectify the issue. Only when a dog owner fails to adhere to the changes will the dog be taken away.

It’s best to make the changes as requested and look to find a way to control your dog. Otherwise, you will lose the dog.

It’s better to take your time working on the dog and finding ways to remedy the situation. It can be done even if barking comes naturally to a dog.

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