Do Rabbits Eat Calibrachoa? (Answered!)

Known as the trailing petunia or million bells, the calibrachoa is a colorful plant that is common in many gardens. It comes in a wide array of beautiful colors including white, violet, red, magenta, and yellow to name a few.

This is why rabbits and other animals will often take a look at this plant in the garden.

You may even ask, do rabbits eat calibrachoa?

Rabbits do eat calibrachoa but it is not a preference for them. It depends on the availability of other plants as rabbits prefer something with a reduced scent that is easy to digest. Calibrachoa is not as easy to digest for rabbits but does keep them full.

It’s best to avoid giving calibrachoa to rabbits unless there is nothing else for the rabbit to eat. It is commonly a last resort from a dietary perspective.

Here is a look at some of the reasons rabbits do eat calibrachoa.

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Benefits Of Calibrachoa For Rabbits

1. Good Source of Calories

The main reason rabbits prefer to eat calibrachoa comes down to calories.

When a rabbit is in the wild, it is going to be restricted as to what is available nearby. This can become a matter of circumstances where the colorful leaves of thecalibrachoa stand out. It becomes apparent the rabbit needs to eat thecalibrachoa for calories.

The same applies to pet rabbits.

If this is all they are getting to eat, the rabbit will not mind taking a bite or two. They will get used to eating thecalibrachoa but it is not often their preference. Most rabbits will lean towards other plants when given the chance to do so.

The reason has to do with the texture of the leaves. They are not as appealing to rabbits as other types of leaves in the garden or wild.

If you are looking to mix things up, don’t givecalibrachoa to rabbits because they will not like it as much as other plants.

Do rabbits eat calibrachoa

2. Easy To Access In The Wild

This is one of the main reasonscalibrachoa is good for rabbits.

When a rabbit is in the wild, it has to take a few things into account. This includes where it is located and how close the plants are to it. Most rabbits will spend time nearby to make sure they are not hunted out in the open.

This can lead to a situation where a rabbit has to eatcalibrachoa to stay safe. Since it offers a good amount of calories, the rabbit will not mind eatingcalibrachoa from time to time.

Until it is free from potential threats, the rabbit will continue to munch oncalibrachoa.

3. Avoided By Other Animals

The reason rabbits eatcalibrachoa comes down to availability.

Imagine being in the wild and having a situation where other animals are searching for flowers too. This can lead to a situation where all of the animals are going after the same plants causing them to dwindle.

It’s important to avoid something like this by making sure the rabbit does keep eating when it has the chance to.

This is why rabbits don’t mind eatingcalibrachoa.

They are readily available in comparison to other plants and that makes them easier to eat. The rabbit can make out time for the plant whenever necessary.

Do rabbits eat calibrachoa

4. Vitamins

Vitamins are a key part of a rabbit’s nutritional requirements and that is where givingcalibrachoa to a rabbit makes sense.

These flowers are good for key antioxidants and vitamins even if they are in small amounts. As a result, any rabbit that does eatcalibrachoa will reap the rewards of these nutrients.

It is not recommended to always givecalibrachoa to a rabbit but it is a great starting point that will keep them healthy.

It will improve their immune system and digestive system ensuring the rabbit has enough energy to look for other food sources.

Final Thoughts

Do rabbits eat calibrachoa?

Rabbits do eatcalibrachoa and will enjoy the increase in calories, vitamins, and antioxidants. It’s important to note, rabbits do not prefercalibrachoa and will only resort to eating this plant when there is nothing else around them. The reason has to do with the texture of the plant.

This is why rabbit owners are recommended to look at other types of plants that are available to them.

Don’t look to addcalibrachoa to a rabbit’s diet because it will likely avoid it. Most rabbits want something that is easier to eat and is in line with their taste buds.

You should keep that in mind when putting together the rabbit’s diet plan.

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