3 Reasons Cat Is Meowing In Sleep (And How To Help!)

Cats are known to be calm sleepers and will often roll into a ball to relax after a long day of activity around the house.

Most cat owners are used to this type of behavior and will enjoy the quiet at night. Of course, other cats will walk around but most are going to remain calm.

However, there are times this doesn’t happen. A cat may start to meow while sleeping. This can leave you wanting to know more about why a cat is meowing in its sleep.

A cat might start meowing in its sleep due to anxiety, sleep apnea, and/or insomnia. Each case is unique but most cats will respond to this discomfort or fatigue by meowing. It is a way to soothe themselves.

Cat owners are highly recommended to not take this lightly as it might be impacting the cat’s energy levels and quality of life.

This article will focus on understanding the reasons behind a cat meowing in its sleep and what to do about it as a cat owner.

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Reasons Cat Is Meowing In Sleep

1. Insomnia

The main concern has to do with insomnia.

When a cat is restless, it is going to start showing signs of frustration and fatigue. This means a cat simply can’t go to sleep because it continues to stay up or doesn’t get tired to the point of entering REM sleep.

This is a real concern and it is something to account for as a cat owner.

If your cat is meowing in its sleep then it is not getting proper rest. Cat REM sleep is important and insomnia can ruin things over time. The cat simply doesn’t get a chance to enter REM sleep, which means it doesn’t get appropriate rest.

Those sleep cycles are key for cats and need to be fine-tuned to ensure the cat is healthy. Any issues in this regard will make the cat upset and restless.

This is key when you are learning how to stop a cat from meowing all night or in its sleep.

2. Sleep Apnea

This is common with an old cat meowing in its sleep.

Cats tend to suffer from sleep apnea depending on their genetics and it can be disconcerting for the cat. It will want to get proper rest but its breathing is going to get altered in the middle of sleeping.

When this happens, it can make the cat uncomfortable as if it can’t get a proper breath in. This can startle the cat or cause it to meow in its sleep.

The best solution is to make sure the cat has a safe resting spot at night.

cat meowing in sleep

3. Anxiety

A common concern for cats has to do with anxiety.

A cat that is not comfortable in its living environment will always be nervous. It is going to assume everything is a threat and that is when it won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep.

This is often seen with a cat meowing due to nightmares. It will get anxious and that is going to cause it to panic at night. The same applies to cats that move into a new house and are still getting used to the territory.

It’s not easy for them to sleep well and it does cost them their health.

How To Help Cat Meowing In Sleep

1. Find a Safe Resting Spot

The most important tip is to find a good resting spot for the cat.

This includes equipping the spot with a high-grade cat bed where it can rest safely. It should be cozy, climate-controlled, and a spot that is not in danger of any predators lurking around.

This is key for cats that don’t sleep well at night.

cat meowing in sleep

2. The Spot Should Be Quiet

It is also important to make sure the resting spot for your cat is quiet.

This means to filter out any sounds that would come from another room or from outside. This will startle a cat and cause it to perk up at night.

3. Reduce The Light

You also have to account for the amount of light that is entering the room.

It is better to have a darker room for the cat to rest in. This will allow the cat to relax and simply get the REM sleep it needs at night.

This should help stop the meowing in its sleep.

cat meowing in sleep

4. Speak To A Vet

It is also smart to get the cat checked for insomnia and sleep apnea.

These are conditions that will require medical assistance over the long haul. Speak to the vet and see what they have to say about the cat’s condition right now.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons a cat is meowing in its sleep.

A cat can start meowing in its sleep due to anxiety, sleep apnea, and/or insomnia. This will vary based on the cat and often comes down to the cat not entering REM sleep as it is naturally supposed to.

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