I Don’t Have Time For My Dog Anymore! (What To Do Next)

Dogs are a bundle of joy but life brings along with it numerous hurdles.

One of these hurdles can include not having the time for your dog. When this happens, it can sometimes become selfish to keep the dog around when it doesn’t have anyone to spend time with.

This is why you will often end up saying, “I don’t have time for my dog anymore!”

Dog owners that do not have time for their dog are recommended to reach out to prospective dog owners for a seamless adoption process. This will allow the dog to have a new, welcoming home with patient owners.

It’s common for mistakes to be made in situations such as these. You will want to have a plan and make sure the transition is an easy one for everyone involved.

Here is a look at a few tips on what to do when you don’t have time for your dog anymore.

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Tips If You Don’t Have Time For Your Dog Any Longer

1. Don’t Keep Neglecting The Dog

A lot of dog owners will try to make things work.

This includes attempting to do more in the time they have with their dog. This is a nice sentiment to have but it will not work out as intended.

The dog is still going to have significant issues because it won’t have the opportunity to socialize as much as it needs to. This is bad for the dog’s physical and psychological health.

Unless you can change your schedule entirely, it is not recommended to keep the dog in this position for too long.

It is better to start asking the right questions including – where can I drop my dog off for free?

This doesn’t mean you leave the dog at the side of the road. This is dangerous and unacceptable behavior. It is important to have a plan and find a welcoming home for your dog before completing the adoption.

I don't have time for my dog anymore

2. Seek Prospective Dog Owners

You should be looking for dog owners ready to adopt.

There are thousands of people that are looking for the right dog and yours might be a good fit for them.

Take your time going through the various options out there and only choose a dog owner that is serious about the process. This includes taking the time to sit down with them and getting a feel for what they are all about.

This matters when you are trying to find a safe home for your dog to go to.

I don't have time for my dog anymore

3. Reach Out To A Local Adoption Center

You should also take the time to speak to a local adoption center.

This is a common option if you want to surrender your dog locally. The adoption center is going to take the dog in and make sure it is well-cared for until new adoptive owners come into the picture.

This is often the first option for dog owners because you are already busy. As long as you are not leaving the dog in a dangerous situation, the local adoption center is not a bad idea.

4. Keep The Dog Comfortable During Transition Phase

There is going to be a transition phase and this is when you will want to comfort the dog as much as possible.

A lot of dog owners don’t take care of their dogs when it’s time to give them away. This is unfortunate as it will leave the dog uncomfortable when it is still living in your house.

Whether it has to do with finding a good dog bed, food, or simply providing a safe place to stay, it is your responsibility to take care of this with a dog.

Don’t forget your duties as a responsible dog owner when it’s time to give the dog away.

Final Thoughts

“I don’t have time for my dog anymore!”

This is a common statement made by busy dog owners that have had a major change in their schedule.

Dog owners don’t have time for their dogs due to a change in work schedule, a child, or having to move to a new city. There are several examples of why this occurs and it’s normal to have a situation such as this.

While most dog owners would love to keep their dogs, it might not be an option for you.

This is why it’s time to take a look at your choices, follow the tips listed here, and then find a good spot for your dog to go to.

This is the only way to go.

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