Why Is Cat Drooling But Acting Normal? (3 Reasons!)

If you see a cat drooling, it’s normal to assume something is wrong.

Most cat owners will start wondering whether it has something to do with the food or perhaps the cat is thirsty. These concerns do come up and it’s common to want to find a solution to stop a cat from drooling.

However, before doing this you will want to find out what the reason is for a cat drooling but acting normal.

A cat drooling but acting normal is nothing to be concerned about. It is likely short-term stress, motion sickness after traveling, or not liking the medication it’s taking. Each situation is unique but all of them are temporary.

The best strategy in a situation such as this is to let the cat drool as long as it’s acting normally.

This article will dive deeper into analyzing why some cats can start drooling but still act normal at home.

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Reasons a Cat Is Drooling But Acting Normal

1. Motion Sickness

The main concern has to do with motion sickness if a cat has been traveling.

When a cat has been inside a moving vehicle, it will start developing signs of motion sickness. One of those signs will include the cat drooling suddenly even if everything else is normal.

The best option here is to observe the cat and see whether or not it is exhibiting other symptoms. This can shed light on if the cat is ill.

If everything else is normal including the cat’s diet and fecal matter then it is likely motion sickness.

This can happen when a cat has been in a moving vehicle for long periods. You should not stress as this will go away within a few minutes or hours. Your goal should remain to keep the cat happy and in a climate-controlled setting.

This will ensure it has the time to recover from the motion sickness.

cat drooling but acting normal

2. Stressed

A common cause of cats drooling suddenly has to do with stress.

A cat will look to soothe itself and a reaction to this will include drooling all over the place. Some cats do start drooling quite a bit even if everything else is as it is supposed to be.

You should do as much as you can to calm the cat down. This can include giving it a simple treat or just letting it rest in a safe part of the house.

This will allow the cat to get used to its setting again and relax. A lot of cat owners want to do everything during this period but that is not the right strategy. You do need to give the cat a bit of space and sometimes doing nothing is the best course of action.

cat drooling but acting normal

3. Don’t Like Taste of Medication

Some cats will start to react badly to taking medication.

This can be for all types of conditions and the most common reason has to do with the taste. They are not going to notice the medication but it is that sudden jolt to their taste buds that can be off-putting.

When a cat realizes this type of taste is in its mouth, it will begin to drool. It will not want to swallow because of the uncomfortable taste.

If you are going to be including new medication in a cat’s life then it might have a unique response to it. This can include starting to drool all over the place.

Cats can drool after taking medication and that is something you should not fret about. It is not a sign of a potential side effect. Instead, it has more to do with the taste of the medication and how the cat feels about that in its mouth.

If necessary, you can put a bowl of fresh water in front of the cat to help it get rid of that taste.

Final Thoughts

These are the main reasons a cat is drooling but acting normal.

A cat can start drooling but still act normal when it is dealing with motion sickness, stress, or doesn’t like the taste of a new medication it’s taking.

When you are dealing with a scenario such as this, it’s okay to worry. You should take the time to observe how the cat is feeling and whether or not it showcases other symptoms. If it does not then it is likely a short-term concern.

You can let the cat ride things out as it will get better on its own.

If necessary, you can try to give it a treat or let it relax. This will allow the cat to get better and regain its composure.

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