Why Are Dog Owners So Arrogant? (Explained!)

Dogs are a man’s best friend but why is the man sometimes arrogant?

This is a question many people are left asking especially those who don’t own a dog. You might wonder whether there is something wrong with these dog owners or perhaps they believe they are superior to everyone else.

Instead, it is important to figure out what causes SOME dog owners to be arrogant. This is important to note because you cannot use a broad brush to paint all dog owners as being the same!

Some dog owners are arrogant while others are wonderful. This is life as a pet owner and that goes for all types of owners.

The question being asked often is, why are dog owners so arrogant?

Dog owners can become arrogant because they are possessive about their dog, believe in the dog’s strength, and have a strong opinion about the dog’s position as a superior pet.

This does not mean all dog owners are arrogant or stuck up. This is often reserved for a select few that stand out because they have the loudest voices or opinions.

This article will break down why some dog owners are arrogant and what causes this type of behavior in the first place.

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Reasons Dog Owners Are Arrogant

1. Believe Dogs Are The Best Pets

Rude dog owners are a problem and can often be associated with specific subjects.

It’s common for the topic of “best pets” to arise when talking to different pet owners. This can include cat owners, rabbit owners, and of course dog owners.

Everyone has a strict opinion about who they prefer and why that is the case. Unfortunately, certain dog owners become rude because they are committed to their opinion about dogs.

This contrasting opinion can cause others to get frustrated.

You may be left wondering, why are dog owners so entitled?

Dealing with other dog owners means they are going to have a variety of opinions. These opinions can come to the forefront when the dog owner wants to demonstrate how their pet is the best.

Why are dog owners so arrogant

2. Possessive About Dogs

Some dog owners are arrogant because they are possessive about their specific dog.

They might have a strong opinion about dogs in general but it is their possessiveness towards a particular dog that causes them to become arrogant.

This can include having an opinion about everything associated with the dog and wanting to showcase the dog to everyone. Some do it nicely while others are more in your face, which can be off-putting.

The only time this becomes a concern is when the dog owner takes it too far. This can include putting others down including other dogs!

3. Feel Confident In A Dog’s Strength

Dogs are naturally strong animals in comparison to other pets.

This is something you will note when it comes to their presence especially the larger dog breeds. When that is the case, it can start to pass onto the dog owner because they also believe in the dog’s natural strength.

When you have a pet that is strong right beside you, it can fill a person with confidence. The same applies to a big dog.

The dog’s strength can send a jolt of confidence through the dog owner’s body and that is what leads to arrogance.

Why are dog owners so arrogant

4. Passionate About Specific Dog Breeds

Some dog owners become rude because they are passionate about a particular dog breed.

It might not have to do with all dogs.

Some just want to show how their German Shepherd is the best or how their Labrador is one-of-a-kind. This passion for that particular breed is what starts to stand out and it can leave you wondering why dog owners are rude all the time.

It simply comes down to picking sides and making it an argument.

Some people do that with all types of things including cars, houses, and everything in between. It’s just a way of life and something you should ignore.

Final Thoughts

Why are dog owners so arrogant?

Some dog owners are arrogant because they are passionate about a dog’s value as a pet or how their dog is the best. Others will want to show how their dog’s breed is the best one among all other dogs. It simply comes down to having an opinion and driving that point home needlessly.

It’s something that’s common among different pet owners and it does show in dog owners too.

When dealing with a dog owner such as this, it’s recommended to step away and deescalate the argument. This will ensure they don’t have to keep drilling the same opinion repeatedly.

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