When Can My Cat Go Outside After Giving Birth? (Answered!)

A pregnant cat is going to have a specific schedule it follows. This can often depend upon its hormones and surrounding environment.

While it can be challenging to raise a pregnant cat, you will also want to account for what will happen after the birth.

This includes asking, when can my cat go outside after giving birth?

Cats can go outside within 24 hours after giving birth. It will depend on the cat’s health. If it has a normal birth without complications, the cat can decide to spend time outside right away.

There is no reason to stop the mother from exploring the outdoors. It comes down to what the cat needs and sometimes spending time outdoors is fine.

Here is a look at what to consider before letting a cat outside after birth.

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Tips On Letting Cat Out After Birth

1. Check the Cat’s Health

A cat’s behavior after giving birth is usually dependent on its health.

If the cat is in pain then it will likely remain in the same spot. However, if a cat is feeling lively and has a spring to its step then there is little reason to hold them back.

Most mothers would leave their kittens for small periods to get food. The same applies here as a mother cat might have an instinct to head outdoors for a quick hunt.

This is why the most important thing you can do is check the cat’s health. Simply observe how it’s doing and how it’s moving. If the cat has a natural hop to its step and seems to back to how it was then you are okay to let it out.

Do not attempt to stop the cat from going outdoors unless it is necessary to keep them physically healthy. Sometimes, letting a cat out after birth will do wonders for its mental well-being.

You have to account for this as a cat owner.

When can my cat go outside after giving birth

2. Focus on the Cat’s Normal Patterns

The best part about being a cat owner is knowing the cat’s behavioral patterns. You are not going to be a stranger to what the mother used to do before or when she was pregnant.

Take all of this information and then compare it to how the cat is acting after birth.

This is a great way to compare and contrast everything including the cat’s physical health. If it seems to be back to how it was then let the cat go outdoors.

It will have a good time and it is going to feel lively too.

This is an underrated benefit of letting a cat out after birth.

When can my cat go outside after giving birth

3. Protect The Kittens First

You have to account for the kittens.

Are they in good shape? Do they need their mother to be around them in the coming days or is it okay for the mother cat to leave them for a bit?

These are important questions to ask as a cat owner. You should always be prepared to take care of the kittens and make sure they are as protected as possible. A lot of mothers will leave their kittens in the owner’s protection.

This is common when the cat has a lot of faith in the owner and its living arrangements. This ensures the cat can let the kittens remain with the owner while it goes out for a quick hunt.

If you are worried about the cat, it is best to focus on the kittens too. You will want to make sure all of them are in good health and will do well without the cat for a while.

Final Thoughts

When can my cat go outside after giving birth?

You can let a cat go outside within 24 hours after it has given birth. There is no steadfast restriction on when a cat can go outdoors once it has given birth. Most will want to step outside within hours and will request to do so.

This is why it’s best to observe the mother and see how she is feeling. This will shed light on what is right and what is not as a cat owner.

In most cases, the mother will already know how it is feeling. This will cause it to want to stay close to its kittens and conserve energy.

Don’t be afraid to observe the mother and see how she is doing. Most cats do well after giving birth and don’t lose a lot of energy.

This ensures they can go outdoors after giving birth.

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