Can Cats Eat Tamales? (Solved!)

Tamales are made using a fascinating corn dough mixture and are a commonly appreciated dish in Mexico.

People enjoy its savory taste and it is often found in Mexican households. Over time, it has also become an important delicacy across the planet.

While tamale is a great food option, is it good for pets? Can cats eat tamales?

Cats cannot eat tamale as it is difficult to digest, lacks nutrients, and is not going to be easy for a cat to chew. Most cats will exhibit symptoms after eating tamales including diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, and other digestive-based effects.

It’s best to avoid giving tamales to a cat.

These are dangerous for them and will not lead to the type of results you are on the lookout for when giving a cat something new to eat at home.

This article will explain why tamale is not good for cats and how it can affect the cat’s body negatively.

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Reasons To Not Give Cat Tamale

1. Causes Indigestion

Indigestion is one of the main reasons to not give tamale to a cat.

This Mexican dish is wonderful for humans but is not as easy for a cat to eat. When a cat has to deal with indigestion, it can lead to a long list of unwanted symptoms.

These can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain.

You will not want to put the cat through these types of symptoms because they can’t digest foods of this nature. As a result, you will have to be careful when it comes to feeding cat corn husks of any variety.

Even if it has been steamed as it would be with a tamale, you need to be careful.

Giving tamales to a cat is simply not the best option. It is not going to have the nutrients that are needed to keep the cat healthy and will end up acting as empty calories.

This is why it is best to find other foods for a cat to eat.

Can cats eat tamales

2. Difficult To Chew

When you give tamale to cats, it is common for them to try to take a bite.

This is a natural reaction to the savory scent that comes off of a tamale. This is something that will attract the cat and it will want to give it a chance.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for cats to chew on tamales.

When this happens, the cat will either have the tamale get stuck in its throat or it is not going to be easy for the cat to get it down.

This is unnecessary for the cat and you should not put them through this type of difficulty.

3. Can Cause Blockage

Feeding a tamale to cats means you are going to increase the chances of intestinal blockage.

The tamale is not going to go down easily and that doesn’t stop at the throat. It ends up becoming a problem that goes all the way through the cat’s system.

You will want to think about whether or not the tamale is going to be chewed properly. If it is not, the steamed corn husk is going to end up causing a blockage inside the intestines.

This will cause pain and discomfort causing the cat to stop eating and moving. You will have to take the cat to the vet in a situation such as this.

Can cats eat tamales

4. Unhealthy

When it all comes down to it, you will realize tamales are not safe for cats to eat.

They are unhealthy and are not going to offer the type of nutrients a cat needs to stay healthy. Due to this reason, giving cats tamales seems like a bad idea.

Other foods will be far better for a cat to eat.

You should be trying to find foods that are healthy and will be nutrient-dense. Tamales are not good for cats because they are not nutrient-dense at all.

Final Thoughts

Can cats eat tamales?

Cats should not eat tamales because they are difficult to digest and include dangerous ingredients a cat should not be consuming. It can lead to symptoms such as stomach pain, intestinal blockage, discomfort, vomiting, and nausea.

You are better off looking for foods that are easier to digest and will not lead to major symptoms later on.

It’s important to note, cats should not eat any type of corn husks. These are not good for their digestive systems and will lead to the symptoms listed above including stomach pain.

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