Can Cats Eat Shellfish? (Answered!)

Cats are known for munching on all types of meat and this can include fish.

In the wild, a cat would happily hunt fish out of the water if given the chance to do so. It’s a common part of their diet but it’s important to know what a fish can and cannot eat.

The first question to ask is, can cats eat shellfish?

A cat can eat shellfish as long as it’s done in moderation. This is a food source low in quality nutrients making it more of a treat rather than a daily part of a cat’s diet.

However, a cat will be ready to eat shellfish when allowed to. It’s never a bad idea to give a little bit of shellfish to a cat as a way to mix things up. While cats can eat the same food for the rest of their lives, it’s nice to give them a treat here and there.

This article will analyze why a cat can eat shellfish and what to consider when feeding it to a cat.

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What is Shellfish?

Shellfish refers to a type of fish that has a shell-like exterior.

This includes lobsters, shrimp, oysters, and mussels to name a few.

When choosing to feed shellfish to a cat, it’s important to look at which shellfish is given to them. Some shellfish are better than others. However, the general rule of thumb is you should not be overfeeding a cat with shellfish.

It is not going to have the same results as other types of fish.

Keep this in mind to avoid pushing the cat’s health down the wrong path due to improperly selecting food sources.

can cats eat shellfish

Benefits Of Feeding Shellfish To Cat

1. Good Treat for Cats

Giving shellfish to a cat is okay as long as it’s taken as a treat.

You should not be including shellfish in a cat’s diet because it will take away from their ability to eat nutrients. Choosing nutrient-dense meats such as chicken, beef, and traditional fish (i.e. tuna) is the way to go.

These are the meats that are going to offer the vitamins and minerals a cat needs to stay healthy.

By giving shellfish to a cat, you are going to give them a good amount of calories but nothing else.

The shellfish is not going to offer the same level of value as other meats. This has to be taken into consideration when it comes to feeding shellfish to a cat at home.

2. Easy to Digest

For the most part, shellfish is easy to digest for a cat.

This bodes well for giving shellfish to a cat as a treat. You are going to see appropriate results as the cat will feel full and it is going to enjoy its meal.

The one issue that comes with shellfish involves the lack of nutrients. This is what takes away from shellfish being a good addition to a cat’s daily diet.

A good way to use shellfish for a cat is to only give them it once every two weeks. This acts as a nice treat the cat can munch on.

Even when you do this, make sure it is done in moderation. You don’t want to give large portions of shellfish to a cat. It won’t be good for their long-term health.

can cats eat shellfish

3. In Line With Cat’s Natural Diet

The one thing all cat owners should do is look at the food they are analyzing and compare it to what a cat would eat in the wild.

The core of the food should be something the cat would find in its natural environment. This can be chickens, beef, or even fish.

However, shellfish is one of those things that will be found in the wild but is not going to be the same as other types of fish.

This is why there is a balancing act when letting a cat eat shellfish. It is okay to do so as long as you are reducing how much shellfish a cat is eating at any given moment.

Final Thoughts

Can cats eat shellfish?

Cats can eat shellfish as long as it is done in moderation. The reason cats should not eat a lot of shellfish has to do with the lack of nutrients. It’s better to split the calories across other nutrient-dense meats including chicken, tuna, or beef.

Take the time to look into how much shellfish you are giving to a cat. It should not be a daily part of the cat’s diet as that will take away from its health.

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