Can Cats Eat Chorizo? (Solved!)

This pork-based sausage is a popular dish internationally and is renowned for its savory taste. The spice-filled texture of this sausage is something that appeals to millions of people worldwide.

While it is an adored meat-based food for humans, what about cats? Can cats eat chorizo?

Cats do not eat chorizo or other cured meats. This sausage is full of sodium and will not be easy for a cat to digest. It’s only recommended as food if the cat has nothing else to eat and requires calories.

Chorizos are not good for cats because they are not made for their digestive system. It is hard for a cat to break down the sudden increase in sodium (salt), which makes it a bad food for the cat to consume.

This article will take a look at why a cat should not eat chorizo.

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Reasons To Not Give Cat Chorizo

1. Excessive Salt

Cats should not eat chorizo because it’s high in salt.

This is dangerous for a cat because it is not supposed to consume salt. This is bad for the cat’s digestive system and can lead to unwanted symptoms including vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and general pain.

You are better off looking for natural meat products that are more in line with what a cat would eat. This can include chicken, fish, or beef.

The meat itself in chorizo is not the issue. It’s the additives including salt that ruin the recipe for cats.

The average chorizo is going to be layered in salt and the cat will not be able to digest it safely. This is why it should not be given to a cat unless there is no other viable option. It is a last resort food for cats and most other pets.

You should take the time to find other meats that are safer for cats. Giving chorizo to a cat might seem like a good idea but can do harm even in small quantities.

Can cats eat chorizo

2. Difficult To Digest

You have to take the time to understand how a cat is going to eat chorizo.

It will want to take a few bites and then swallow the chorizo whole. This is dangerous as the cat will not have the time to digest the various additives in the recipe leading to major digestive issues later on.

It is not easy for a cat to eat chorizo and live without symptoms in the coming days/weeks. You will have to be prepared for them with cats.

One of the more important things to focus on is to make sure the cat does have food to eat. However, it should not be hard for a cat to eat.

3. Too Spicy

Food that is too spicy will not be good for a cat.

Cats don’t eat chorizo because it is salty and spicy. This might add flavor to the food but is going to be off-putting for a cat that is not used to eating spices.

In the wild, most cats are going to steer clear of spices that are accessible to them. This is going to apply to cured meats as well.

The spices might make the meat taste good but they will not be easy to eat for a cat. It’s important to think about this before giving chorizo to a cat at home.

Can cats eat chorizo

4. Too Many Additives

Whether it is the spices, garlic, or salt, the additives are what ruin this pork sausage.

The meat itself is fine and the cat would have no problem at all eating the meal. However, it is the additives to the recipe that are a variable you can’t account for even when it’s made at home.

You will want to avoid giving chorizo to a cat for this reason alone.

The recipe is not going to be safe for a cat to eat and it should not be presented as a food option to the pet.

Final Thoughts

Can cats eat chorizo?

Cats do not eat chorizo as it is too high in salt, spices, and ginger. These are ingredients that are not easy for a cat to digest and will lead to significant health issues including diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and stomach pain.

It’s best to look for safer meat alternatives that a cat can eat without hindrance. This can include beef, chicken, or fish.

There are loads of better options available for a cat to eat and enjoy.

Chorizo for cats is only viable when there is no other option available. In that case, you can break off a little bit of the pork sausage and give it to the cat to keep it fed.

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