5 Reasons Dog Is Acting Different After Daycare

How do I know if my dog likes daycare?

This is the first question people ask when it is time to send their dog to daycare and it’s a legitimate query to have.

It can become an increasingly important matter when you try to figure out why a dog is acting differently after daycare.

A dog can act differently after daycare because it’s not used to the new environment, has separation anxiety, dealt with aggression from other dogs, or is not being fed properly. Each situation is unique and does demand your attention.

Dog owners should not ignore when their dog’s emotions are high or changed. This is a dramatic shift in how a dog lives and it will take time for it to get used to the daycare.

This article will explain some of the reasons a dog may behave differently after going to daycare.

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Reasons Dog Is Acting Different After Daycare

1. New Environment

If a dog is lethargic after daycare, it might have zapped all of its energy with the other dogs.

This doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, but it’s just natural to get exhausted in a new environment. Some dogs do take a liking to daycare, but it will also take more out of them each time.

You will want to learn more about what the dog does especially if it is tired after coming back.

2. Separation Anxiety

If a dog is anxious after daycare then this might have to do with simple separation anxiety.

Dogs don’t like being away from their family for too long and in this case, that’s you. If they are far away from you, it might become hard for the dog to cope with the situation.

This is why it’s recommended to train a dog to be away from you. It needs to trust the process even if you are not there for hours or days.

It can take a bit of time to do this but you will want to work on the dog’s separation anxiety.

dog acting different after daycare

3. Faced Aggression At Daycare

If a dog is ignoring you after daycare, it’s important to determine what is causing the dog to be upset or out of sorts.

One of the unfortunate reasons can do with aggression at the daycare. This might come from a caretaker or other dogs that are at the daycare during the same time.

It is usually the latter and that is something you will want to account for. It might even be best to take the time to speak to the caretaker for more information on the other dogs. You should not let this continue as-is.

4. Lack of Stability at Daycare

Dogs might not like the instability of a daycare.

This means everything is out of order and it breaks their routine. They do like routines, which is something they get used to at home with you.

Once a dog goes to daycare, those routines will become harder to implement. The caretaker is not going to have the ability to do this easily.

This instability happens all the time. It’s normal.

The goal is to train your dog to get used to that environment as long as it’s safe.

dog acting different after daycare

5. Improper Feeding Schedule or Food

It’s possible a dog is not eating enough at the daycare.

This is rare but it is something to look into as it involves the dog’s safety. You have to make sure the dog is getting its meals and is being fed the way it should.

If the dog is lazy after daycare or is avoiding you then it might have to do with improper feedings. Take the time to look into this and ensure you are keeping tabs on the dog’s health at all times.

This is a must.

Final Thoughts

These are the main reasons why a dog is acting differently after daycare.

Dogs can start acting differently after daycare due to separation anxiety, not being fed properly, getting used to the new environment, or feeling unstable. Each situation is different and you have to account for this as a dog owner.

Take the time to dig through these details and ensure you are pursuing the solution with a lot of care.

You don’t want a situation where the dog is unhealthy and you are ignoring it. Whether the dog stinks after daycare or seems lazy, you want to check up with the dog. This includes comparing its behavior to staying at home and whether or not it’s healthy.

You should also visit the vet if this is always the case.

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