Do Rabbits Eat Hollyhocks? (Answered!)

Hollyhocks are renowned for being tall, noticeable plants in modern gardens. They come in a variety of colors and have a presence once they bloom. It’s common to find these plants around places such as white-picket fences, cottage areas, and barns.

While they are beautiful to look at, they can also bring about animals from around the garden. This is why it’s important to understand which animals will come for the hollyhocks and which ones won’t.

The first question to ask is, do rabbits eat hollyhocks?

Rabbits can eat hollyhocks but will do so in small quantities. Eating too many hollyhocks at once can lead to digestive trouble and other health concerns. It’s not recommended to give hollyhocks to pet rabbits.

It’s common for gardeners to place hollyhocks around the garden as a way to ward off rabbits. They will not want to only eat hollyhocks and are going to look for another food source.

This article will explain why rabbits can eat hollyhocks but only in small quantities.

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Reasons Rabbits Can Eat Hollyhocks

1. Good Source of Calories

Rabbits will look at different plants and try to find the ones that are filling.

Since rabbits eat a considerable number of calories, they aim to eat as much as possible. This can include looking for different types of fruits, vegetables, and of course garden plants.

Due to this drive to eat, they will want to look at potential sources of calories. This can include hollyhocks.

Rabbits will eat hollyhocks because they are easy to chew on and will offer a good number of calories per flower. This alone makes them easier for the rabbit to eat.

While calories are not the only thing that will be driving the rabbit to a hollyhock, it is one thing that will let them stay for smaller amounts. As mentioned, it is not safe for rabbits to eat too much of this plant, but they can digest small amounts.

As a result, they will be more than happy to take a few bites.

Do rabbits eat hollyhocks

2. Access to Nutrients

It is the nutrients that are going to attract a rabbit as soon as it starts eating hollyhocks.

Feeding hollyhocks to rabbits will only happen when you want them to access specific nutrients. This can include key vitamins and antioxidants that are found in hollyhocks.

If the rabbit finds hollyhocks in the garden, it will attempt to take a bite or two. The goal is to access those nutrients if it doesn’t have other rabbit-friendly plants nearby.

As a rabbit owner, you should not be giving hollyhocks to a rabbit because there are better options out there with the same nutrients.

3. Can Be Digested In Small Amounts

Feeding hollyhocks to a rabbit doesn’t work because they are not easy for the rabbit to digest in larger quantities.

However, what about giving hollyhocks to a rabbit in moderation? is that an option?

Yes, it is common for rabbits to rummage through the garden for these plants. They will take a bite and can digest a flower or two without too much of a fuss.

It’s when you go beyond this point that things start looking far bleaker. You don’t want a rabbit eating too many hollyhocks. It will not end well for the rabbit.

Do rabbits eat hollyhocks

4. Easy to Access and Chew

Rabbits will like hollyhocks because of how easy they are to access.

Walk into any garden that has this plant and you will notice it right away. This is one of the main reasons gardeners place hollyhocks in their gardens.

It stands out.

The beauty of this is it beautifies the garden but that also makes it easier to access for rabbits. They will find a way to grab onto the plant and take a bite.

It is also easy to chew the plant, which makes it a good option for rabbits as a treat.

Final Thoughts

Do rabbits eat hollyhocks?

Rabbits do eat hollyhocks but only in moderation. They find the plants to be easy to chew, accessible, and full of key nutrients that improve their immune systems. It’s important to note, hollyhocks are not good in large quantities because they can lead to digestive trouble for rabbits.

If you are feeding hollyhocks to a rabbit, it’s likely better to look at alternatives.

Giving the wrong type of plant to a rabbit and overfeeding will lead to unwanted issues. You should not be venturing down this path because it will not work the way you want it to.

Be careful and only give your rabbit plants that are known for being rabbit-friendly.

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