Do Rabbits Eat Delphiniums? (Answered!)

Delphiniums are colorful, tall-standing plants with a presence. They are noticeable in the garden and will have an attractive blue color that’s visually appealing. It can also come in other colors such as lavender, pink, or red.

A common concern people have is whether or not it’s safe to give delphiniums to rabbits. The same applies to gardeners wanting to make sure the rabbits don’t eat their plants.

The best place to start is, do rabbits eat delphiniums?

Rabbits do not eat delphiniums and these are noted for being rabbit-resistant plants. In rare cases, rabbits might munch on the leaves for a taste but will eventually look at other plants. The reason has to do with the plant’s texture and taste.

Rabbits are not fans of delphiniums when they have a choice. It’s only an option when there is nothing else available to them.

For the most part, a garden that has delphiniums is going to be far safer than a garden that doesn’t.

This article will look at why rabbits don’t eat delphiniums and what to think about as a rabbit owner.

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Reasons Rabbits Don’t Eat Delphiniums

1. Don’t Like The Texture

Most rabbits are not going to like the texture associated with delphiniums.

This texture is known for being a bit abrasive against the rabbit’s tongue. When a rabbit doesn’t like the texture, it will attempt to take a few bites and then will venture away from the plant.

What is the reason for this?

Most rabbits will associate this type of texture with danger. They will assume the plant is poisoning and to some extent, delphiniums are poisonous to rabbits in large quantities. This is why most rabbits will only take a few bites.

A rabbit shouldn’t eat delphiniums because it is not going to be a fulfilling food for them. They might attempt to chew a little bit and then get rid of it or move on to another plant. This will vary depending on the rabbit’s mindset.

Your goal should be to observe the rabbit and go from there.

Do rabbits eat delphiniums

2. Lack of Nutrients

A rabbit should not eat delphiniums because it is a waste of calories.

They are not going to retain any valuable benefits from the plant and that is reason enough to look at other food options.

If you are worried about the rabbit getting into the garden then this is often a plant used to repel them. Rabbits will not want to eat delphiniums and might even assume the garden is not safe to be around.

This isn’t always the case but it is something to consider as a gardener.

For rabbit owners, your goal should be to look at giving other types of plants to the rabbit. If you try to feed delphiniums to a rabbit, it might be unsafe for them.

3. Digestive Issues

Don’t give delphiniums to a rabbit due to the digestive issues they can develop.

A rabbit will attempt to eat all types of plants and that will include delphiniums. It’s an instinct that causes them to have a drive for all types of fruits, vegetables, and plants.

Delphiniums are no different for rabbits.

Unfortunately, delphiniums are not safe for rabbits and will cause significant digestive issues if consumed in large quantities. You will want to prep for this and make sure the rabbit is in good health.

Do rabbits eat delphiniums

4. Excessive Consumption Leads To Poisoning

Giving delphiniums to a rabbit is not smart because it can lead to poisoning.

Most rabbit owners don’t realize this but too much of this plant will lead to long-term issues. These are issues that might not be treatable depending on how many delphiniums were consumed at once.

Too many of these plants can cause a rabbit to pass away.

It’s important to keep them away from these plants as other options are far better and healthier.

Final Thoughts

Do rabbits eat delphiniums?

Rabbits do not eat delphiniums. The reason has to do with a lack of nutrients and potential poisoning if consumed in large quantities. It’s recommended to keep rabbits away from delphiniums as they are commonly used as rabbit-resistant plants in gardens.

If you are a gardener, delphiniums are a good option in the garden to repel rabbits.

If you are a rabbit owner, these are not the plants you want to put in front of a rabbit.

It’s important to look at other types of plants that are safe for rabbits. If you leave the rabbit to fend for itself, it might try to take a few bites causing it to fall ill.

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