Do Female Cats Prefer Male Humans?

Cats are interesting animals and will often showcase unique behavioral traits when interacting with humans.

In some cases, it becomes obvious a cat is favoring one human over another. This can even make you wonder, do female cats prefer male humans?

Female cats do not prefer male or female humans. Their interest lies in how the human makes them feel including access to food, comfort, and/or their role in the group. Cats will test a human’s dominance and will remain calmer to those above them. This can be a man or a woman.

It is wrong to assume a female cat will only like male humans.

This might be the case in a specific relationship but it is not a steadfast rule. This is a wrong assumption to make and is not in line with what research has to show.

Here is a look at what cats look for in humans when they are choosing who they prefer.

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Things Cats Look For In Humans

1. Dominance

The most common reason comes down to dominance.

Cats will often look to create a hierarchy in the home. This is normal and they will try to find their place in that hierarchy to determine who they should and should not dominate.

If a human maintains its dominance with the cat then they will hold preference. This is normal as the cat is going to look at that member with respect.

It’s not the only factor at play with domestic cats but it does matter.

Cats can become more rigid with those who are not above them. This is why when a cat tries to test your dominance, it’s important to be firm and make sure they are aware of your position in the home.

This will take a bit of time to do but it’s important.

If you are above the cat in the hierarchy, they are going to maintain respect as a pet.

Do female cats prefer male humans

2. Access To Resources

It is important to consider the resources in a home.

Let’s assume there is one cat owner that is putting out the food and playing with the cat all the time. This is going to settle in the cat’s mind and it will start connecting that particular member (male or female) with being well-fed.

This is an important detail to think about because it’s a part of the cat’s survival instinct. It will want to stay close to the member that provides food.

This is also how you maintain dominance when it comes to showing the cat your role in the home.

3. Comfort

A cat will also prefer humans that provide comfort.

This is essential because some cats are quite clingy when it comes to being around the owner. They will want to be petted, held, and comforted throughout the day.

Other cats might not want to be in the same room all the time but will come for a few scratches under the chin.

This depends on the cat’s personality but it is a possible reason for the cat preferring one human over the other. It won’t come down to gender but it can come down to overall comfort.

If the cat is comfortable around you, it will come looking for you.

Do female cats prefer male humans

4. General Bonding

This is something that makes domestic cats different than other animals.

This is a domesticated pet, which means they are known for being loving and playful around humans. They do get along with humans and that is something you want to account for as a pet owner.

The bond is one of the reasons a cat is going to prefer one human over the other. If they believe there is a human that is more preferable to them then that is the one they are going to look for.

This is a natural reaction that a lot of cats display.

Final Thoughts

Do female cats prefer male humans?

Female cats do not have a preference for male or female humans. They simply choose their preference based on hierarchy, access to resources (food), comfort, and bonding. The individual can be male, female, or alien.

This is an important detail to remember when it comes to what a cat prefers when it comes to a specific human in the home.

This is why more and more pet owners are careful when it comes to bonding with the cat. It does play a role and will ensure the cat is happy with the humans in the home.

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