Cat That Looks Like A Fox – The Somali Cat

Some cats have distinctive features that make them stand out. These features are noticeable, aesthetically pleasing, and ensure the cat has a presence.

This is why it’s important to focus on one particular cat that stands out wherever it goes. This is a cat that looks like a fox.

The Somali cat is renowned for being a cat that looks like a fox due to its reddish-orange fur, bushy tail, and active personality. It is the closest thing to a fox in the world of felines.

Many cat owners prefer having this type of cat because it’s unique. It’s a cat that has a fascinating personality that is appealing for several different reasons.

Here is a look at what the Somali cat is all about as a cat that looks like a fox.

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Quick Facts About The Somali Cat


  • Male Somali Cat – 8-12 lbs.
  • Female Somali Cat – 8-12 lbs.


  • 9-13 Years

Eye Color

  • Gold
  • Green


  • High

Physical Appearance

Colors: Red, Blue, Fawn, Ruddy, Sorrel

Length: Long

Grooming Requirements: High

What is a Somali Cat?

The Somali cat is a long-bodied cat with a distinctive reddish coat that’s noticeable from afar. It has a toned body with an active personality making it a charming pet.

This cat has a smooth coat that is balanced from head to paw. With the distinctive ears pushed forward, the Somali’s head is always on a swivel paying attention to its surroundings.

Whether it’s the triangular head or the large eyes, this is a fascinating breed with characteristics that make it unique.

The Somali has tufts of hair along its ears that are soft to the touch. Its bushy tail is often the second physical trait a person notices after the reddish fur. This is similar to a fox’s tail and that is why the Somali is known as a cat that looks like a fox.

There are natural transitions in this cat’s fur including bands of fur along the spine while lighter shades closer to the face. This gives it a more organic look that adds to its comparison with foxes.

cat that looks like a fox

History of the Somali Cat

The Somali is a cat that is an extension of the Abyssinian, which was breeder in the Great Britain. It was appreciated for having a gorgeous coat that made it distinctive to the average person.

At the time, Lord Robert Napieri had brought the short-haired Abyssinian into the region before it started developing the longhaired version in the form of this breed.

One of the more intriguing physical traits people noticed at the time was its ticking pattern. This made the coat look organic and different in a way other cats didn’t manage. This is where the cat started taking a life of its own as a breed.

Over time, the Abyssinian breed was created as its own.

It’s important to note, the Abyssinian was not focused on developing long-haired versions of the cat. Instead, it was the opposite as the goal was to have litters that had short-haired characteristics.

As the cat was bred, the litters started giving rise to long-haired versions of the cat.

A lot of breeders fell in love with the authentic look of the cat and how it had a charming coat anyone would appreciate once they got a peek.

Over time, the cat also earned interest from cat lovers due to its active personality, gorgeous red looks, and constant alertness.


When it comes to its personality, the Somali is always eager to move around and that is why it’s constantly noted as a cat that looks like a fox.

It’s not just the physical features but also the inner energy that makes the comparisons fair. This is a great pet because the cat loves playing but is also great around humans and/or pets. This makes the transition a breeze.

The Somali cat is one that has a noteworthy personality and it has a presence.

It is also a great cat breed for those who are going to be away for hours. This is a cat that is more than happy to stay active on its own if that is what you require.

It’s this quality that makes it versatile.

cat that looks like a fox

Life As A Pet

One of the most common details to think about is its life as a pet.

While it is a cat that looks like a fox, it is also one of the most affectionate breeds to bring into your home. It will be more than happy to spend time with you, play around, and remain easy to care for.

You will have to brush the cat daily but this is all it requires.

The Somali is rarely cumbersome to deal with when it comes to personality. She will always be ready to love as a breed.

It also tends to stay fit due to how active the cat is. This is why investing in good cat toys is a smart investment as a Somali cat owner.

Final Thoughts

This is a cat that looks like a fox and is noticeable as soon as it enters a room.

The Somali cat looks like a fox because of its reddish fur, bushy tail, and active personality. It resonates with fox lovers because it holds all of the qualities foxes are renowned for in a feline body.

If you want to bring a cute reddish cat into your home then this is the right one for you.

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