Why Is Cat Looking At Water But Not Drinking? (Helpful Tips!)

Cats love drinking water and it’s a natural part of their routine.

Due to this, it can become confusing to see a cat looking at water but not drinking. What is the reason for a cat doing this?

Cats might look at the water but not drink it when they are dealing with a kidney or liver condition. This can cause the feline to lose its thirst and start behaving in such a manner. It’s best to consult with a vet to determine the root cause of this behavior.

If a cat is looking at the water but not drinking it, you will want to take the time to make subtle changes such as a new water bowl or fresh water.

The goal is to see if something will spark the cat to drink again.

This article will take a look at a few tips on helping a cat that is looking at water but not drinking it.

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Tips To Consider If Cat Is Staring At The Water But Not Drinking It

1. Change the Water

You should be on the lookout to change the water.

This is a simple change and one that should yield good results. The idea is to see whether or not the water is the reason a cat is staring at the water bowl. Sometimes, a cat might not like what is inside the water bowl especially if the water has been sitting for a while.

Cats are particular about what they drink and this includes water in the bowl.

If a cat is not drinking water but is eating then this might be the reason. You will want to immediately dump the old water and pour in fresh water. See if this gets the cat to want to take a drink.

If not then it might have something to do with the cat’s health or the water bowl.

cat looking at water but not drinking

2. Replace the Water Bowl

Before learning how to hydrate a cat that won’t drink water, it’s best to replace the water bowl. It’s a simple change that will let you see what the issue is.

If a cat is staring at the water but not drinking it, this might mean the water bowl is the issue. The water bowl might have an odd odor or might even have another animal’s scent. This can include other pets in the home.

If a cat feels like it is not bonded with the bowl, it might steer clear of it. The bowl might feel unsafe to the cat.

This is why it’s best to change a cat’s water bowl if you get the chance to do so.

3. Relocate The Water Bowl

If a cat is looking at the water but not drinking it, this might mean the water bowl is in the wrong spot.

In high-traffic areas, some cats don’t like taking a drink because it exposes their back to predators. This is an instinct that is hard for domestic cats to shake off if they have spent time outdoors or in a harsh environment.

You will have to find a way to get the cat to drink water and this starts by relocating the water bowl.

Place it in a low-traffic area the cat can still reach.

cat looking at water but not drinking

4. Consult With A Vet

The last option is to look at an internal problem such as liver or kidney disease.

One of the primary symptoms of these conditions has to do with an inability to feel thirsty. The cat always believes it is hydrated and that gets in the way of its ability to refresh the body.

It’s dangerous and it will add up as time goes on. The best course of action is to consult with a vet to see what’s going on and how to remedy the issue.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons a cat is looking at the water but not drinking.

When a cat is looking at the water but not drinking, it is commonly a sign of liver or kidney disease. These conditions can cause a cat to lose its thirst for water. Other reasons can include being afraid of where the water bowl is or not liking the water quality.

It’s best to try the solutions listed in this article to see what works and what doesn’t.

You will get a better read on what is going on and how to go about helping a cat drink enough water during a 24-hour period. If it doesn’t get enough, this can be dangerous for a cat’s health.

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