Why Does Cat Have Poop Stuck In Anus?

A cat’s pooping schedule can become unstable when it starts dealing with digestive issues. In some cases, this will involve the intestines or stomach, but there are other scenarios where the poop gets stuck.

When a cat has poop stuck in the anus, it becomes important to resolve the problem before it spirals out of control.

Poop can get stuck in a cat’s anus when it’s too dry or hard. Due to its texture, the cat has a difficult time pushing it all the way out. This is why it’s recommended to use a cotton ball dipped in warm water. The cotton ball will help remove the poop.

It’s important to note, you should not be using chemicals near a cat’s anal cavity. This is dangerous and can become dangerous if the cat licks that part of its body later on.

This article is going to look at what to do when a cat has poop stuck in its anus.

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Why Does Cat Have Poop Stuck In The Anus?

Poop can get stuck in a cat’s anus because it’s hard and/or dry. When it becomes like this, the texture will make it difficult for a cat to push the feces out of its body.

A lot of cats can suffer from constipation in different parts of their life. This can create symptoms such as the ones listed here.

It’s highly recommended to help a cat that has poop stuck in its butt. A manual method will go a long way in making things better and improving the cat’s quality of life.

cat has poop stuck in anus

How To Manually Extract Feces From A Cat

1. Inspect The Anus

The first thing you will want to do is inspect the cat’s butt.

This will let you determine what the situation is like. In some cases, it’s possible the poop is sticking out along with a string. This is dangerous and you do not want to remove a piece of string out of a cat’s anus manually. The reason has to do with it getting stuck in the intestines and causing internal bleeding.

You have to be careful and speak to a vet in that case.

If the cat’s poop is sticking halfway out then you can use a DIY method such as this one. The goal here is to look at how far out the cat’s poop is and then come up with an action plan.

cat has poop stuck in anus

2. Dip Cotton Ball In Warm Water

To resolve this issue, you will want to dip a cotton ball in warm water.

The reason for using a cotton ball is it’s soft and will not harm the cat. The warm water is going to help loosen the dry, hard poop to ensure it does come out without aggravating the anal cavity.

You have to be careful while doing this but warm water should help.

This is a good solution and one that is going to be easy to control around such a sensitive part of the body. Be meticulous while you are doing this and do make sure it is not burning hot water.

Lukewarm water is good enough to get the job done.

3. Press Down On Poop To Loosen It

The technique to use when it comes to situations such as these is to press down on the poop that’s sticking out.

By pressing down, you are going to help loosen it smoothly. It is going to get moist due to the lukewarm water and the pressing down motion will help get it out.

What you don’t want to do is to pull aggressively. This might work but it will also hurt the cat. It’s better to be patient and continue to press down with the cotton ball to get the job done.

You will also want to keep an eye on the cat’s response. This will shed light on how it’s feeling during this process.

cat has poop stuck in anus

4. Don’t Use Chemical Wipes

The one thing you don’t want to use when a cat has poop stuck in the anus is a chemical wipe.

These wipes are unsafe for cats because they will lick the area afterward. This can cause them to ingest harsh chemicals that are not supposed to be consumed by cats.

As a result, you will want to stick to a simpler solution such as a wet cotton ball. This will get the job done and it will also ensure the cat doesn’t get harmed later on.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to focus on when a cat has poop stuck in the anus.

It’s important to use a wet cotton ball and press down on the poop. This will ensure the poop loosens up and is removed from the anus without too much of a fuss.

A lot of people worry about this when they don’t have to.

Just take your time and make sure to be gentle. Aggression will harm the cat and it is not good for the cat’s health long-term.

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