My Dog Died Suddenly With Tongue Out! (Explained)

It’s a troubling experience to go through. The loss of a beloved dog is one that is hard to bear and when it happens suddenly, the concern is often greater.

Due to this, it’s common for dog owners to ask questions. This can include trying to understand why your dog died suddenly with its tongue out.

A dog can die with its tongue out due to having a heart attack or a respiratory attack. When the body does not get enough oxygen, it’s common for the dog’s tongue to hang out upon its death. If the tongue is blue, the root cause was likely a lack of oxygen.

It’s best to consult with the vet to learn more about the reason your dog passed away. It can be a distressing sight for any dog owner but it’s still important to learn more about what caused the dog’s death.

This article will shed light on some of the reasons a dog’s tongue comes out when it dies.

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Reasons Dog Died Suddenly With Tongue Out

1. Heart Attack

This is the most common reason for a dog dying with its tongue out.

Some dogs will deal with heart-related symptoms such as fatigue, pain, and the inability to get to places without losing their breath. This can become a prolonged issue and that causes the body to see a rapid reduction in oxygen.

While it is the heart that eventually gives out for a dog, it is the lack of oxygen that starts to present itself during the last few hours. This is what causes a dog’s tongue to hang out when it dies.

It is also normal to see dogs panting when they are having a heart attack.

This is due to the stress that is put on the body and how difficult it is for the dog to move. As a result, a lot of dog owners mention their dog’s tongue hanging out when it dies due to a heart attack.

dog died suddenly tongue out

2. Respiratory Issue

This is a possible reason why a dog died suddenly with its tongue out.

The idea is a tongue may have an asthma attack or end up suffocating. When this occurs, it’s common for the tongue to go blue especially as the lack of oxygen persists. This can be quite difficult for the dog to manage on its own.

In some cases, a dog will start panting heavily during its last days. This is due to the stress that is being put on the lungs every time it takes a breath.

As more and more oxygen is zapped out of the body, the tongue will go blue. This is also why the dog ends up passing away with its tongue out.

3. Injury

This is possible depending on what the dog has been doing.

If a dog gets hit by something or falls from a great height, it’s possible for there to be an injury to the lungs or to another part of the respiratory system.

When this occurs, a dog might start panting heavily and that will put stress on the lungs. As a result, there will come a point when the dog passes away with its tongue out.

If there was an injury that took place before the death then that was likely the reason.

dog died suddenly tongue out

4. Infection

This is rare but it should be pointed out as a potential reason for a dog’s tongue being out at the time of death.

The infection can start to spread to different parts of the body. This can include the lungs, which is why the body starts seeing a reduction in available oxygen.

When there is not enough oxygen in the body, this causes carbon dioxide to rise inside. This is what causes the dog to start breathing heavily and feeling uncomfortable drawing a full breath.

Eventually, the dog passes away with its tongue out.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons your dog died suddenly with its tongue out.

A dog can die suddenly with its tongue out due to a heart attack, respiratory condition, infection, or internal injury. The tongue can turn blue due to the lack of oxygen indicating it has something to do with the respiratory system.

It’s best to look into all of these variables and compare them to your dog’s condition in its last day. You can then get a better read on the dog’s symptoms and how they lined up with its tongue being out at the time of death.

It’s a good way to learn more about the dog’s discomfort and potentially save the lives of other pets in the household too.

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