My Dog Keeps Panting And Won’t Settle! (5 Reasons Why!)

An unsettled dog can become difficult to calm down.

The trigger can vary depending on the dog’s environment and experiences. It’s essential to take your time while dealing with a dog to make sure it’s healthy and everything is done to bring it back to normal.

A common concern people note is a dog that keeps panting and won’t settle.

A dog that keeps panting and won’t settle might be dealing with a wide array of health concerns. These can include heart disease, respiratory disease, anemia, anxiety, and/or canine cognitive dysfunction.

It’s important not to brush this type of symptom off. It’s a clear-cut sign the dog is struggling due to how unsettled it is.

If a dog is breathing heavily and unsettled, it is essential to speak to a vet.

This article will take a look at five possible reasons a dog keeps panting and refuses to calm down.

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Reasons Your Dog Keeps Panting And Won’t Settle

1. Respiratory Disease

A dog that is panting heavily might be dealing with respiratory disease.

This causes the body to struggle to pump enough oxygen into the lungs. When this occurs, the dog’s bloodstream is going to become unsaturated. This is dangerous as it starts increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream.

A good example of when this can occur is due to laryngeal paralysis. This is when the larynx begins to close on its own due to the nerves malfunctioning. This can close the windpipe to the point it’s difficult for a dog to breathe a full breath.

It’s essential to have a vet assess this condition to make sure the dog does have a chance to recover.

2. Heart Disease

Dogs that start panting and won’t settle might be dealing with a heart condition.

Heart disease will impact the heart causing the dog to become fatigued, unstable, and out of breath. This is commonly seen when a dog comes back from a walk or time spent running around.

The heart is essential for the dog’s body. Anytime there is a struggle for the heart to pump oxygen to the rest of the body, it can cause the dog’s health to deteriorate.

A few examples of conditions a dog might suffer from including heartworm disease, valve disorders, and arrhythmias.

It’s recommended to consult with a vet when it comes to heart conditions. They will have the equipment necessary to test a dog’s heart and see whether or not there is an underlying heart issue to deal with.

My dog keeps panting and won't settle

3. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Canine cognitive dysfunction is commonly seen in senior dogs and refers to a build-up of dementia-like symptoms. This can cause the brain chemicals to get altered to the point it impacts how a dog moves, barks, and responds to interactions.

It can also cause a dog to have issues with breathing, which can cause it to start panting. This is usually seen in dogs that are in the last few years of their life.

A real issue these dogs deal with involves not being able to sleep. A dog that keeps panting at night will find it difficult to understand what’s going on as it is not normal.

This can increase their anxiety and make it even harder to settle down.

You can also look for additional signs such as a dog that keeps getting into accidents at home or doesn’t seem to be responding to interactions. This means the dog is unhealthy and might be dealing with CCD.

4. Anxiety

Dogs do struggle with mental health conditions just like humans.

This is often seen when a dog has to move into a new environment or there is a sudden change to where it is living. This can cause a dog to go into panic mode, which will involve sudden anxiety.

A good example of this would be a dog’s reaction to loud noises including thunderstorms. They will start looking for a place to hide while trembling.

It is common for dogs in this state to start panting a lot and becoming unsettled.

It’s recommended to help calm a dog down by using toys, chews, or something that will take its mind off of what’s going on. In a new environment, it is important to make the dog feel welcomed and loved.

If necessary, a vet will take the time to move forward with anxiety meds for the dog.

My dog keeps panting and won't settle

5. Anemia

This is rarer than the other reasons but can be why a dog keeps panting without stopping.

When a dog is anemic, it is lacking red blood cells in the body. This causes the dog’s body to start breaking down including not getting enough oxygen to where it needs to. This will result in the dog panting a lot.

Anemia can also start attacking the immune system due to medical concerns such as cancer. It’s important to pinpoint what the root cause is with the help of a trusted vet.

Final Thoughts

My dog keeps panting and won’t settle!

If a dog keeps panting and won’t settle, it is likely due to anemia, anxiety, canine cognitive dysfunction, heart disease, or respiratory disease. It’s best to consult with a vet to learn more about the underlying cause through a battery of tests.

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