7 Reasons Your Cat Is Not Eating Much But Acting Normal

Cats are unique when it comes to eating patterns.

Each cat has a mind of its own when it comes to specific foods, drinks, and schedules. They will often change things on a whim depending on variables such as food availability, type of food, and/or their health.

Due to this, cat owners need to remain aware of these changes and look into them further.

A common issue people note has to do with a cat that is not eating much but acting normal.

A cat might not eat much and still act normal because it has found a secondary food source, is dealing with a digestive issue, doesn’t like the food, or is anxious. Some cats do a better job of hiding it than others.

The goal has to be to not only find the root cause but also make sure it is handled with care. A lot of cat owners don’t do this and that can cause the cat to go into a shell.

This article will look at seven of the most important reasons a cat is not eating much but still acting normal.

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Reasons Your Cat Is Not Eating Much But Acting Normal

1. Eating Outside

Some cats will not eat much because they have found another food source.

This can be something as simple as heading outdoors, hunting small animals, and eating them. It is normal for a cat to have this hunter’s instinct and they will take advantage of it depending on the situation.

If a cat is not happy with what it is eating at home, it will be more than willing to hunt for food. It not only becomes a fun task for them but also a way to stay full.

You will want to look into where the cat goes when it is outside and how this correlates with the sudden change in eating habits.

2. Anxious

Cats can deal with stress all the time and this will cause them to focus on their survival.

Let’s assume a cat is panicked about another pet in the house. This happens when a new pet is brought into a household as some cats will become suspicious of the animal along with its scent.

However, this anxiety will also cause the cat to singularly focus on the “threat” that is in its vicinity.

When this happens, the cat will not feel hungry and is instead going to be focusing on the source of its anxiety.

cat not eating much but acting normal

3. Doesn’t Like The Food

Some cats don’t like what they are being fed.

This is normal because cats are known for being picky eaters. They will always paw and whine when they don’t get the type of food they are hoping for.

A cat that has tasted other foods can be quite particular about what it eats. This can result in the cat simply ignoring the food that is put in front of it even if it acts normal.

You will want to account for this and try changing up the food to see if the cat responds.

4. Vaccination

A cat that has just been vaccinated might stop eating.

The reason has to do with how the vaccine reacts with the cat’s body. Some vaccinations can cause a cat to lose its appetite and make it forget about eating entirely.

In situations such as these, you will want to monitor how much the cat is eating and for how long this persists. Don’t let this extend for too long as it can harm the cat’s health.

If a cat has just been vaccinated then it’s important to account for this as a cat owner.

cat not eating much but acting normal

5. Dental Issues

Cats can end up dealing with cavities and/or gum disease.

When this happens, the cat’s pain and discomfort will begin to overshadow its willingness to eat. This can cause a cat to go into its shell because the pain is off-putting. They will want to avoid eating.

However, your best option is to consult with a vet to get their teeth and gums looked at. You will also want to find foods that are softer and easier to eat. This means cutting out the dry cat food until the dental issues go away.

6. New Environment

Have you changed locations recently? Are you traveling a lot?

This can become a real problem for cats because they prefer singular territories. They want to remain committed to one spot as they mark it up with their scent.

When this changes, it creates a whole host of sensory changes that can be tough on a cat. In that case, it might be hyper-alert and forget about eating. It is a common survival instinct that is also seen in humans.

The cat will simply prioritize survival in that situation because it is going to have its guard up. This can cause the cat to not eat a lot and still act normal.

cat not eating much but acting normal

7. Infection or Parasites

Cats can have digestive issues.

These issues can include infections and/or parasites that ravage the digestive system. While some cats will deal with discomfort and nausea others are just not going to feel energetic any longer.

This can zap their energy and make it much harder for the cat to eat willingly. As a result, your cat will stop eating a lot.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons a cat is not eating much but acting normal.

Cats don’t eat much but act normal when they have found another food source, are anxious, have parasites in the system, or are dealing with a change in environment. These reasons can be triggers.

The best approach is to change the food and make sure you’re tackling the root cause if it’s a health issue.

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