Is A Fish Wet In Water?

It’s often assumed an object or being is wet when they are underwater.

The same logic is applied to your hand being in the water or a fish in the tank. However, is this logic true or is it false? Is a fish wet in water?

A fish is not wet in water. The concept of wetness is established in comparison to a dry environment. If the environment itself is all-water (i.e. fish tank) then any object inside cannot be wet.

On the other hand, let’s assume you take a fish out of the water and hold it in your hand. In this case, the fish will now be wet as it is covered with water in a dry room.

These are subtle details to keep in mind when describing a fish’s state.

Here is a detailed look at what accounts for a fish being wet or dry in its surrounding environment.

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Factors To Consider If A Fish Is Wet Or Dry

1. Type of Environment

The environment a fish is in will determine whether it’s wet or not.

If you take a fish swimming inside a fish tank, it will not be wet. The reason is simple. Everything inside the fish tank is already underwater meaning a fish cannot be any wetter than the objects or fish it is around.

Whether it’s a fish tank accessory, plant, or the fish itself, each of them will be equally wet.

Using the same logic, when you take the fish out of the tank, it will now be wet. This is due to everything else in the environment being dry.

Remember, the state of being wet is more about comparisons. It is about understanding which items are dry and which ones are not. When there is nothing compare to then there is no reason for a fish to be “wet” or to use that word as a descriptor.

Is a fish wet in water

2. Comparative Dryness

The term “wet” is used to describe different levels of dryness.

For example, if you put clothing inside a dryer, they will be wet going in, but dry coming out. This is due to them being compared to everything else.

With a fish, you need the surrounding elements to be dry for the term “wet” to be used. Otherwise, this is a description no one is going to use. A fish can’t be wet when there is nothing dry to compare it to.

It is a little nuance that has to be understood when figuring out whether or not a fish is wet when it is underwater.

3. Function of the Gills

This is one of the unique details that can leave the fish half-dry and half-wet when taken out of the fish tank.

In general, a fish can’t survive without having some amount of water in the gills. As soon as the water runs out, the fish passes away or suffocates. This is why fish are supposed to be underwater as the water flushes through their gills.

As a result, if a fish is alive, this means it is half wet from the inside. There is water inside the gills that is still allowing the fish an opportunity to breathe.

Is a fish wet in water

4. Texture of the Skin

This is all about touch.

When describing how wet a fish is, you are going to run your hand across the surface of its skin. This includes figuring out how it compares to your own skin or when a fish has been dried out.

In general, a fish’s skin is only going to be wet when you take it out of the water. Otherwise, you won’t notice it is wet when touching the fish inside the fish tank.

The only comparison you can make is when the fish is removed from the fish tank allowing you to touch it in a dry environment.

Final Thoughts

Is a fish wet in water?

A fish is not wet in water. This is due to everything inside the fish tank being covered with water. The state of being wet is only useful when comparing to dry surroundings. For example, removing a fish out of the water and holding it in your hand. This would now be a dry environment making the fish wet if it is covered with water.

These are the details you want to account for when understanding the concept of wetness and how it works when looking at fish underwater.

If you just put your hand in the water to touch a fish, you cannot state that it is wet. This does not make sense.

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