5 Reasons Cat Acts Like Something Stuck In Mouth? (Answered!)

Is your cat walking around gagging as if something is stuck in its mouth?

There are situations where a cat will start to show signs of distress by opening its mouth, gagging, and not feeling comfortable at all. Each situation is unique but a lot of the time, it will have something to do with the cat’s mouth.

You will even wonder why a cat acts like something is stuck in its mouth.

Cats act like something is stuck in their mouth because they are suffering from asthma, dental trouble, allergies, or an infection. In some cases, a cat may also be suffering from a hairball.

You will want to consult with a vet when a cat acts like something is lodged in its mouth. It is not smart to let it continue for long as it can lead to far more significant symptoms.

This post will take a peek at some of the reasons a cat may act like it has something in its throat.

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Reasons Cat Acts Like Something Stuck In Mouth

1. Asthma

In some cases, a cat may start having trouble breathing due to asthma.

Just like humans, cats can also deal with asthma-related symptoms. This can include the feeling of getting suffocated and not being able to draw a full breath.

When this happens, the cat will start to gasp for air. This is a natural reaction to their physical predicament at that moment.

To help a cat that has asthma, you will want to seek immediate medical assistance from a vet. They will take the time to assess what’s needed to open up the airways.

Over the long term, you will want to add air filters inside the home. This will ensure dander and/or anything else inside the living space don’t bother the cat. It’s critical to make these changes to avoid additional asthma attacks later on in life.

2. Hairball

This is one of the more traditional reasons for a cat walking around as if it has something stuck in its mouth.

You will notice the cat also hacking/coughing as it opens its mouth. This is simply a natural reaction to wanting to get rid of the stuck hairball before it makes it difficult to walk around.

When it gets worse, the cat will start to whine and may cough even harder.

It’s important to react to this and make sure the cat is eating specialized cat food for hairballs. You will also want to cut down on how much you are grooming the cat as that is often the reason for their discomfort.

cat acts like something stuck in mouth

3. Dental Trouble

This is rare but it is a cause that has to be kept in mind.

If the cat is dealing with a toothache and/or any other type of dental pain, it might start opening its mouth out of discomfort. This is a reaction to the pain and/or inability to bite without feeling discomfort.

It is best to consult with a vet and get an x-ray taken of the oral cavity.

This will shed light on what the issue is and how it needs to be treated for the cat’s sake. Until then, the cat will continue to walk around with its mouth open.

4. Infection

With a cat acting like something is in its mouth, there is a potential chance that they are dealing with an infection.

This infection can cause the body to start to ache and there will be additional symptoms including not being able to breathe sufficiently.

It’s best to have a vet run a set of diagnostic tests to see what’s going on. You will want to get in front of the infection before it spreads and leads to serious symptoms. Waiting too long could cause the infection to worsen.

Be fast and make sure to consult with a reputable vet.

cat acts like something stuck in mouth

5. Allergies

This is common in some cats and they will react to certain triggers in their environment.

For example, if a cat is allergic to peanut butter, it might eat a little bit and then go into shock. This will lead to all sorts of symptoms including something as simple as walking around with their mouth open.

You will want to be aware of what the cat is doing and have them checked out.

If it is an allergic reaction then it’s important to consult with a vet for more information on what to do.

Final Thoughts

Why does your cat act like something is stuck in its mouth?

A cat will act like it has something stuck in its mouth due to dental issues, infections, asthma, hairballs, and/or allergies depending on its specific situation. It’s best to speak to a vet for a more comprehensive assessment of the cat’s health.

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