Can Fish Get High? (Answered!)

Getting “high” is often associated with humans.

It’s not usually associated with other animals even though there is a connection to be made. This includes asking, can fish get high?

Fish can get high. Studies have shown fish become noticeably calmer after the introduction of cannabis oil into the water. A similar effect has been seen with other substances including benzodiazepine.

This is why it’s important to keep tabs on what’s being put into the water. Too much of these substances in the water can lead to serious harm and/or death.

It’s best to continue to monitor the water and ensure unnecessary compounds or elements are not being added to the fish tank.

Here is more on why fish get high and the impact it can have on their bodies.

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Reasons Fish Get High

1. Mixes With Water

The main reason fish can get high in the aquarium has to do with water levels.

Let’s assume you take pellets and lace them with cannabis oil. The cannabis oil is only going to impact the fish when it starts entering their bloodstream.

Otherwise, it is just going to be a part of the water.

As a result, as soon as it is ingested by the fish, this can have an impact on how the fish feels. A lot of fish will end up getting high as soon as they consume a few pellets.

This is the same for those who add cannabis oil straight into the water.

Since the cannabis oil begins to mix with the water, it starts to impact everything associated with the living environment for the fish. The fish will begin to breathe in the compound and it will get to the point where it has an overwhelming impact on how the fish feels.

A lot of fish end up calming down depending on the drug that is added.

This has a substantial impact on their health and that is why it’s important to monitor what is being put into the fish tank at all times. You don’t want a situation where the substance that is put inside is dangerous and impacts them gravely.

Be vigilant and make sure to speak to a trusted vet before heading down this path.

can fish get high

2. Substance Is Breathed In

Fish can get high because the substance enters their body through the water.

Fish are an extension of their living arrangements because they are fully submerged in the water. Any changes to the water’s condition can have a noticeable effect on how the fish feels during the day.

This is not just associated with substances but anything water-related.

For example, if the air pump stops working, this can lead to the fish having serious health issues. It can even be the pH level not being set at the right level.

Since the substance is breathed in through the gills, it spreads through the fish’s system leading to a notable effect on how it feels.

Whatever the reason is, it is important for the water quality to be good. If it is not, this can dictate how the fish responds.

For example, if cannabis oil is added to a fish tank, this will change the water chemistry inside the aquarium.

When the fish begins to breathe it in, they will get high.

can fish get high

3. Increased Concentration Per Liter of Water

It is all about the concentration of cannabis oil or any other substance that is added to the fish tank.

The higher the concentration, the more impactful it is.

Studies show an increase in the water’s concentration once a substance is added has an impact on how the fish responds to the substance itself.

Studies show you don’t need a lot of cannabis oil to impact a fish’s health. Even a little bit is going to be more than enough to make an impact.

This is why it’s essential to know what you are doing and only using the cannabis oil for fish when it is necessary.

Related Questions

1. Can You Get Fish Drunk?

A fish can get drunk if it is exposed to certain stimulants. This can cause the fish to display erratic behavior including speeding up its movements.

2. Can A Fish Live In Vodka?

Fish cannot live in vodka and/or any alcoholic beverage. This is devoid of essential components needed for fish to breathe underwater and remain alive. A fish placed in vodka would pass away within minutes.

Final Thoughts

Can fish get high?

Fish can get high and often do when specific substances are added to their fish tank. This can include cannabis oil or a wide array of controlled substances.

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